Clinical Translation Committee

Chair: Armand Keating, MD
Princess Margaret Hospital


Armand Keating, MD - Chair
Princess Margaret Hospital
Koichi Akashi, MD PhD - Member
Kyushu University Medicine & Biosystemic Science
Benjamin Alman, MD - Member
Duke University
Peter Coffey, BSc DPhil - Member
University College London
Michele De Luca, MD - Member
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Robert J. Deans, BSc, PhD - Member
Athersys Inc
Connie Jean Eaves, PhD, FRS(C - Member
Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer Agency
Catriona H.M. Jamieson, MD, PhD - Member
Moores Cancer Center University of California San Diego
Robert Lanza, MD - Member
Advanced Cell Technology
Richard T. Lee, MD - Member
Partners Research Facility
Maria T. Millan, MD, FACS - Member
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Charles Murry, MD, PhD - Member
University of Washington-Center for Cardiovascular Biology
Duanqing Pei, PhD - Member
Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine & Health, CAS
Fernando Pitossi, PhD - Member
Leloir Institute
Mahendra Rao, MD, PhD - Member
New York Stem Cell Foundation
David T. Scadden, MD - Member
MGH/Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Alok Srivastava, MD, FRACP, - Member
Centre for Stem Cell Research (a unit of inStem, Bengaluru)
Lorenz Studer, MD - Member
Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research
John W. Thomas, PhD - Member
Daniel J. Weiss, MD, PhD - Member
University of Vermont College of Medicine