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The Annual Meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research is the largest international interdisciplinary forum dedicated to stem cell science. This year, the 12th Annual Meeting will be held June 18-21, 2014, in Vancouver, Canada. The meeting brings together more than 4,000 of the world’s stem cell researchers to discuss emerging science in this fast-paced field. Media are invited to attend all sessions, participate in two organized press panels and to schedule on-site interviews.

View the Preliminary Program to get an idea of the program flow.

Registration: The ISSCR asks that you pre-register if you are planning to attend the meeting and/or participate in any press conferences via conference call at the ISSCR 12th Annual Meeting in Vancouver. Please read the eligibility requirements and press policies below. To register, download and submit the Media Registration Form. Pick up your media badge at the media registration desk at the Vancouver Convention Center.

Media Registration Eligibility Requirements

Complimentary ISSCR media registration is intended for career science communicators.  Print and broadcast reporters, freelance reporters and established bloggers with appropriate credentials may attend the meeting for the purpose of editorial coverage via complimentary media passes. To be considered, applicants must cover stem cell research or a related field on a regular basis. Due to space restrictions, the ISSCR will limit the number of complimentary media passes issued to two per publisher.

Print and broadcast reporters are required to register using the media registration form and must present media identification. Accepted credentials include:

  • An internationally accredited media pass or a business card issued by a recognized news organization
  • A recent bylined article or broadcast credit
  • A current publicly-available masthead or staff list from a recognized news organization

Freelance reporters are required to register using the media registration form and must submit an official letter of assignment from an accredited news organization.

Bloggers requesting media passes are required to register using the media registration form and must demonstrate previous and unbiased coverage of the stem cell research field, as well as a sizeable and/or significant public or professional following. Bloggers must submit a letter including their blog address, audience reach and a statement of purpose regarding attendance at the meeting. Corporate-owned and/or sponsored blogs are not eligible, nor are those that accept payment in exchange for the review of products or services.

Exclusions extend to companies, organizations and individuals producing publications, blogs, videos and/or other electronic media intended for marketing, advertising, financial analysis or public relations purposes.

ISSCR Annual Meeting Embargo Policy

Media are required to abide by the embargo policies governing the ISSCR Annual Meeting. The ISSCR embargo policy states that coverage of meeting abstracts and poster presentations pre-published online, included in the printed abstract books and/or otherwise available is strictly prohibited until the start of each individual presentation. This embargo extends to blogging, tweeting and content dissemination through all other online and offline communications channels.

Onsite Guidelines

Registered media are required to check in at the media room upon arrival and to wear their ISSCR media badges at all times while onsite at the ISSCR Annual Meeting. All scientific sessions, education sessions, oral and poster abstract sessions and the exhibit and poster hall at the Annual Meeting are open to the media.

Still photography, video and/or audio taping of the sessions, presentations or posters at the ISSCR Annual Meeting is strictly prohibited (the ISSCR reserves the right to engage professional photographers or audio/videotape professionals to archive sections of the meeting for the Society’s use). Television reporters interested in broadcasting or taping interviews or non-restricted material at the meeting should contact ISSCR at least one week in advance of the meeting to discuss their needs and necessary clearances.

Media Rooms and Interview Policies

Media credentials are required for entry to the media rooms. Company and public relations representatives are not permitted in the media rooms.

All onsite interviews must be coordinated through the ISSCR media office ( Media are encouraged to request interviews with ISSCR leadership, meeting speakers and other meeting participants at least one week in advance to allow for scheduling. Interview space will be made available within the media rooms or elsewhere within the conference center.

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