Susan Lim, FRCS, PhD
Founder, Susan Lim Holdings
Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley

Deepak Sharma
Ex-Chairman, Citi Private Bank, Citigroup
Co-founder, SD Ventures
Board member, Middle East Institute

Meet the Council members

The Global Advisory Council brings together international academic, business, corporate, civic and philanthropic leaders who support the ISSCR ’s promise to transform human health worldwide. In addition to their direct advisory role, these leaders are valued ambassadors for the Society’s vision and mission.

The Council has been an increasingly integral part of the ISSCR ’s activities since its inception in 2008, and has been a driving force in the development of a multi-stakeholder forum, the Nucleus Forum, bringing together leaders in science, technology, business, and investment.  

Furthermore, it provides strategic advice on how best to promote stem cell research and clinical applications, as well as the consideration of new funding paradigms through coordinated public education, effective public relations, and governmental and philanthropic support. 

The Global Advisory Council meets annually, generally in conjunction with the ISSCR Annual Meeting. This allows the Council members to interact directly with all levels of the international stem cell research and regenerative medicine communities.

The creation of the Council was a major step in the evolution of the ISSCR. The collaboration between the ISSCR leadership and the Council was instrumental as new strategies were developed to further cultivate, engage, and secure support from individuals and global entities. The ISSCR anticipate a significant extension of the Society’s role in setting the future agenda for stem cell research on a global scale based on the Council’s growing support and influence.

The Promise

The Global Advisory Council will work with the Executive leadership of the ISSCR to help outline the strategic objectives and to create new initiatives that allow business expertise and financial resources available to help advance stem cell science and regenerative medicine, and bring previously unimagined treatments to patients around the globe.

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