UPDATE: Notifications of poster board numbers have been sent to all poster presenters we have confirmed as meeting registrants. 

ISSCR confirms each poster presenter did register for the 2017 ISSCR Annual Meeting . The abstract submission fee does not constitute the meeting registration fee. 

Please contact abstracts@isscr.org for questions.

Poster Details

Posters are displayed for the one day of your poster session in the Exhibit Hall of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). You must be at your poster during your scheduled poster presentation time. This creates a lively poster hall where meeting attendees are assured of interacting with poster presenters.
The maximum poster size is one meter by one meter.  Due to fire regulations, no tables, chairs, or electrical hook-ups will be allowed near the posters. Pins will be provided onsite to attach your posters to the poster boards.


Poster Setup/Takedown

Poster Setup for Poster Sessions I Odd and Even: Wednesday, 14 June from 15:15*-18:30  

          *Poster presenters MAY NOT enter the exhibit hall before this time

Poster Setup for Poster Sessions II Odd and Even: Thursday, 15 June from 11:20 -13:15

Poster Setup for Poster Session III Odd and Even: Friday, 16 June from 11:20 -13:15

You are responsible for the removal of your poster at the end of the evening of your scheduled poster session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a poster presentation?

  • Your poster should be a visual presentation of your research or clinical project. You are encouraged to use schematic diagrams, graphs, tables, and other strategies to direct the visual attention of the viewer, rather than explaining it using text as you would in a journal article. A poster addresses one central question and states the question or hypothesis in the poster and provides a clear and explicit take-home message.

What is the recommended poster format?

  • Posters should fit in a one meter by one meter space. You may choose to use size A1 in landscape orientation when printing.  We recommend using 36 point type for section headings and 24 point type for text and we encourage the use of graphs and figures whenever possible.

What content should I include in my poster?

  • Posters usually have a similar structure to a research paper or journal article. We recommend including an abstract, introduction section (i.e., brief rationale or review of relevant research), a methods section, a results section, a conclusion or summary section, and list of key references. You may choose to include a photo of the presenting author to the right of the poster title to help attendees identify you.

What materials should I use to create my poster?

  • If possible, create your poster in a single sheet for easiest transport. We recommend using page-layout software to design your poster. Use color (muted colors are best for the background, bright colors are OK for borders) and use borders to separate sections of your poster. Avoid reflective, plastic coated paper.
  • Due to fire regulations, no tables, chairs, or electrical hook-ups will be allowed near the posters.

Can I print my poster at the convention center?

  • ISSCR does not handle poster printing however, posters may be printed through the FedEx office in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. ISSCR is not responsible for any arrangements made with the FedEx office. See detailed instructions here

What is a poster teaser?

  • Posters teasers are offered by invitation of the the Program Committee to a few poster presenters. Poster teasers are one minute/one slide presentations presented in a Plenary session. The poster presentation is then scheduled for the same evening. A teaser highlights one compelling result or aspect of the poster to generate interest in the audience to visit the poster presentation later in the day. Teasers must fit strictly in the one minute time frame and so should not summarize the entire poster content. Poster teaser presenters are notified before the meeting to upload the PowerPoint slide into the presentation system.

Venue Information

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

415 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210 USA
near the South Boston waterfront