ISSCR 9th Annual Meeting Recap

June 15 – 18, 2011

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Final Program | Thursday Abstract Book | Friday Abstract Book

We would like to thank the 2011 Annual Meeting Program Committee, chaired by Dr. Haifan Lin, for their exceptional effort in developing this year's strong scientific program. In addition to recruiting an excellent panel of speakers from around the world, the Committee was able to draw on the considerable scientific depth of Toronto and Canada to capitalize on the excellent Canadian scientists, including Dr. John Dick, who gave the inaugural Ernest McCulloch Memorial Lecture.

This year, attendees were offered eight plenary sessions, 15 concurrent scientific tracks and a range of other educational and networking opportunities. More than 1,400 posters were presented over the course of the meeting, covering a wide range of topics. We thank all who participated, and extend our congratulations to the winners of the 2011 Junior Investigator Poster Awards (listed below).

In 2006, the 4th ISSCR Annual Meeting was also held in Toronto. It was at that meeting that Dr. Shinya Yamanaka first presented the discovery of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Five years later, the impact of that discovery on the field of stem cells was evident in the wide range of talks and posters at this year’s annual meeting. One plenary session was set aside to discuss developments in the field of reprogramming and the study of fate conversion, while multiple concurrent talks and posters were devoted to the use of iPS cell technology. Finally, Drs. Kazutoshi Takahashi and Shinya Yamanaka, the two authors of that paper initially describing iPS cells, received the inaugural McEwen Centre Award for Innovation in honor of that paradigm-shifting work.

Along with the annual meeting, we were pleased to offer a Public Symposium in association with the Stem Cell Network of Canada. This year’s event, entitled “The Stem Cell Promise: Moving to the Clinic,” brought together clinicians and patients with first-hand experience in clinical trials involving stem cell treatments. This session proved very popular with the audience of more than 200, including numerous patients and patient advocates. This mix stimulated the post-presentation discussion with many thought-provoking questions. Our special thanks to Lisa Willemse of the Stem Cell Network of Canada and the ISSCR Public Education Committee for their key role in making this a successful event.

The Industry Wednesday Symposium was again offered immediately prior to the opening of the meeting. Now in its fourth year, this symposium presented topical issues in stem cell science framed by industry leaders. Complementing these were the four new, member-organized Focus Sessions offering programs in support of science, society and education. Among these was a special symposium in honor of Dr. Ernest McCulloch. In total, eight well-attended parallel sessions were held.

The 2011 meeting opened with a talk from Dr. Janet Rossant, who gave an excellent overview of the history and future of stem cell research, from the seminal work of Drs. Till and McCulloch to the discovery of iPS cells and stem cell applications in regenerative medicine. This theme was continued in the keynote address from Dr. Robert Langer. Dr. Langer, who has made many contributions to the field of regenerative medicine, delivered a cross-disciplinary talk that covered multiple instances where biomaterials and tissue engineering could be applied to stem cells treatments for a variety of injuries and disease.

In addition to the McEwen Centre Award for Innovation, we were pleased to present two additional awards. The 2011 ISSCR Outstanding Young Investigator Award was given to Robert Blelloch for his study of the roles of microRNAs in the control of stem cell behavior. In addition, the inaugural ISSCR Public Service Award was presented to Robert Klein, outgoing chairman of the Governing Board of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), for his outstanding contribution of public service to the fields of stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

One of the highlights of the meeting for many attendees was an address on Saturday morning by research and patient advocate Charles Sabine. A former correspondent for NBC News, Mr. Sabine has become an advocate for the freedom of scientific research, particularly in the areas of neurodegenerative disease. In his moving speech, Mr. Sabine detailed his experiences as a war correspondent and contrasted these with his family history and his own diagnosis with Huntington’s disease. 

The meeting closed with the fourth annual Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture given by Dr. Nicole Le Douarin. In her talk, Dr. Le Douarin reinforced the importance of our understanding of early development and particularly focused on the contributions of neural crest derivatives to adult tissues and how they may inform, and confound, current work investigating adult stem cells.

This recap only touches on a fraction of what was presented at the meeting this year in Toronto. Please look for an in-depth scientific meeting report appearing in the ISSCR pages of Cell Stem Cell in October 2011.

Awards and Honors

2011 Junior Investigator Poster Awards.  Each year the ISSCR presents awards for outstanding poster presentations by Junior Investigators. This year’s winners received a $250 stipend, a one-year subscription to Cell Stem Cell and Current Protocols in Stem Cell Research, and complimentary registration to the ISSCR 10th Annual Meeting in 2012 in Yokohama, Japan.

Eric Lechman, University Health Network, Toronto – miR-126 bioactivity marks the primitive compartment on AML and regulates human leukemia stem cell numbers

Pulin Li, Children’s Hospital Boston – Epoxyeicosatrienoic acids regulate hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal during stress response and embryonic hematopoiesis

Shyh-Chang Ng, Harvard Medical School – The Lin28-Let-7 axis regulates embryonic and adult glucose metabolism in mammals

Satoshi Nori, Keio University School of Medicine – Transplantation of human iPS cell-derived neurospheres for the treatment of spinal cord injury in NOD-SCID mice

Peter van Galen, Ontario Cancer Institute/University Health Network, Toronto – Identification of human stem cell regulators through high-throughput functional screens

Cong Xu, Children’s Hospital Boston – Nanog regulates endoderm formation through the Mxtx2-Nodal pathway.

In addition, the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS), awarded one of their Young Scientist Poster Awards, which consists of a $500 stipend, travel and accommodations to the SLAS 2012 Meeting in San Diego, February 4 – 8, 2012, with the opportunity to present their poster at the meeting. Congratulations to the following ISSCR Junior Investigator and recipient of the SLAS award:

Brian Cox, The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute – Identification of mouse stem cell-surface proteins enables isolation of lineage progenitor cells directly from the mouse blastocyst using flow cytometry.

 2011 Travel Awards. Each year, travel grants are awarded to assist with travel to attend the ISSCR annual meeting. This year, 2011 Travel Grants for travel to the ISSCR 9th Annual Meeting were supported by: the ISSCR, the Australian Stem Cell Centre, BD Biosciences and the Stem Cell Network

ISSCR-supported Travel Grant Recipients

Ece Akhan Akhan
Adi Alajem
Brígida Almeida
Lixia Bai
Anannya Banga
Ori Bar-Nur
Uri Ben-David
Jacob Blumenthal
Tal Bruck
Stefan Brunner
Shannon Buckley
Mi Cai
Andre Catic
Stuart Chambers
Fang-Pei Chang
Chien-Wen Chen 
Pakpoom Kheolamai
Toshihiro Kobayashi
Pooja Kumar
Anujith Kumar
Elisabeth Larsen
Aaron Levine
Guangnan Li
Zhe Li
Yuchun Liu
Ilana Livyatan
Angelo Lombardo
Dongdong Ma
Yo Mabuchi
Shin-ichi Mae
Mohammad Mandegar
Sirikul Manochantr
Giacomo Masserdotti
Anna Mattout
Yves Maury
Freyja McClenahan
Shai Melcer
Giulia Meneghello
Miguel Mitne Neto
Sujata Mohanty
Morvarid Mohseni
Dafni Moschidou
Laura Muertz
Kristopher Nazor
Yee Sook Cho
Hong Seo Choi
Hyung Jun Choi
Diana Coronado
Victor Dayan
Valdo Jose Dias da Silva
Dasa Dolezalova
Kalina Draganova
Marleen Eijkholt
Kim Erwes
Fernando Ezquer
Marcelo Ezquer
Tiago Faial
Yiping FAN
Faranak Fattahi
Joji Fujisaki
Yifan Ng
Anja Nitzsche
Aya Ogura
Mariaestela Ortiz
Bruna Paulsen
Gioia Petrighi Polidori
Ulrich Pfisterer
Sarah Pringle
Stephanie Protze
Li Qian
Tali Re'em
Paulo Henrique Rosado de Castro
Ricardo Rossello
Piriya Sasajala
Katja Schulze
Bryce Seifert
S.W. Steven Shaw
Hiroko Shimada
Maria Shutova
Ng Shyh-Chang
Karim Si-Tayeb
Esther Son
Hathaitip Sritanaudomchai
Ryohichi Sugimura
Zeinab Taghizadeh
Jignesh Tailor
Naoya Takayama
Mariana Garcia
Marcela Garita-Hernandez
Astrid Gillich
Renee Gordon
Yvonne Gruber Mica
Donny Hanjaya-Putra
Nicholas Hannan
Garrett Heffner
Ahmed Hegab
Dominic Heng
Huimei Hong
Justin Ichida
Banu Iskender
Linda Jansson
Zi-Bing Jin
Junghyun Jo
Hitoshi Takizawa
Yu-Zhen Tan
Koji Tanabe
Daiki Tateyama
Derk ten Berge
Adrian Teo
Eirini Trompouki
Alicia Vaca
Yu-Chieh Wang
Xiaoqun Wang
Qingjie Wang
James Wood
Min-Zu Wu
Yao-Ming Wu
Lina Xiang
Liangqi Xie
Cong Xu
Swathi Yadlapalli
Kohei Yamamizu
Taiji Yamazoe
Hongyao Yu
Zhiyong Zhang
Jianhong Zhu
Lili Zhu
Limor Zwi-Dantsis

Australian Stem Cell Centre-supported Travel Grant Recipients

Yen-Shun Chen
Tracy Heng
Danika Khong
Juan Carlos Polanco
Chew-Li Soh
Nilay Thakar
Charlotte Yap
Qing Cissy Yu

BD Bioscience-supported Travel Grant Recipients

Jerome Artus
Daniela Bueno
Na-Yu Chia
Brad Dykstra
Sanae Hamanaka
Chia-Ling Hsieh
Peggy Janich
Joseph Klim
Rong Lu
Daniel Ortmann
Sharon Paige
Tea Soon Park
Nils Pfaff
Enrique Salero
Gen Shinoda
Eszter Varga

Stem Cell Network-supported Travel Grant Recipients

Rajesh Alphonse
Peggy Assinck
Tzvi Aviv
Steffen Biechele
Melanie Bilodeau
Jennifer Bruin
Natalie Farra
David Fluri
Simon Fortier
Catherine Frelin
Marco Gallo
Tia Gareau
Sylvie Gervier
Borhane Guezguez
Lamis Hammoud
S. M. Mahmudul Hasan
Karin Hermans
Corinne Hoesli
Megan Hunt
Rosario Isasi
Melanie Kardel
Shahryar Khattak
Véronique Lecault
Poh Soo Lee
Bernard Lo
Ashley Calder
Pearl Campbell 
Paul Cassar
Aaron Cheung
Chun-Yi Chiang
Brian Cox
Mandy Lo
Anthony Mak
Angela McDonald
Michael Milyavsky
Emanuel Nazareth
Thu Minh Nguyen
M. Cristina Nostro
Kento Onishi
Krishna Panchalingam
Ben Paylor
Feodor Price
Iran Rashedi
Shanti Rojas-Sutterlin
P. Joel Ross
Ryan Salewski
Mehdi Shafa
Andrey Shukalyuk
Shreya Shukla
Sabrina Sicilia
Elizabeth Csaszar
Eric Deneault
Julia DiLabio
Andrea Ditadi
Ugljesa Djuric
Shaalee Dworski
Darek Sikorski
Rita Silva
Kim Snyder
Vahab Soleimani
Hannah Song
Brenna Swift
Mark Ungrin
Jie Ting Tina Wang
WeiJia Wang
Amy Wong
Akihiro Yamashita
Gustavo Yannarelli
Jonathan Yeh
Telford Yeung
Hang Yin
Yan (Mary) Zhang
Regan-Heng Zhang

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