ISSCR 2015 Travel Awards

The ISSCR is pleased to give a small number of Travel Awards to meeting attendees with high quality abstracts. The Travel Awards are meant to help defray the costs of attending the meeting but will not cover all of the costs. Any abstract submitter is eligible to apply for an ISSCR Travel Award. Travel Awards will be decided based on the quality of the abstract and economic need. Award recipients must be an ISSCR member at the time of the meeting. Travel awards will be distributed onsite in the form of a VISA gift card.

Travel award applicants are required to submit an abstract.  In the online abstract submission procedure, the applicant will be asked to indicate desire to be considered for a travel award.  A justification of economic need (of under 200 words) will be required and the applicant's status [Senior investigator or Junior investigator (Post-doctoral fellow, Graduate student)] must be indicated.

Please note:

The ISSCR Travel Awards do not cover the cost of the abstract submission fee. The abstract submission fee must be paid by all abstract submitters and the fee will not be reimbursed or waived for those accepting travel awards.

Applicants will be notified about the Travel Awards by email by mid-April.

Due to the large number of applications for Travel Awards, the ISSCR is not able to fund most requests. We suggest you explore alternative sources for travel funds early in your planning process. To increase your chance of securing an award, be sure your abstract is well-written and includes meaningful results. If English is not your primary language, have your abstract looked at by an English speaker before you submit.

See the FAQ section for questions about Travel Awards 

Questions should be directed to Liz Weislogel:



For German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) members and scientists working in Germany: The GSCN announces travel awards from its scientific working groups to the ISSCR 2015 Annual Meeting in Stockholm. Information and applications can be accessed here.