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Early Career Group Leader Luncheon: "How to build a successful Lab: Learning from the Experts."

Join us to discuss the balance between investing in your people and in yourself to achieve the ultimate goal of moving science forward, publishing and obtaining grants.

Wednesday, 24 June, 11:25-12:45
Supported by Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine 

Early-career research group leaders are invited to join peers and the ISSCR Board of Directors in a roundtable discussion. A registration fee of $10 USD is required and is subject to 25% VAT.

After a stressful series of interviews, you have accepted a job, defined key questions for your lab to study and the unique angle to distinguish your lab from others. The next challenge is to identify a way to execute these ideas. In this regard, you depend on your lab members to carry them out in the form of experiments, papers and grants, i.e. the business. To establish a highly functional lab, you must balance this business with another critical component: mentoring. 

There are a number of challenges that prevent people, especially young investigators, from becoming good mentors and getting the most out of their labs. First of all, there is little to no training provided to starting group leaders as they transition from a postdoc position—where you master benchwork and a working relationship with primarily one person, the Principal Investigator-- to productively managing a team. Second, there is a dramatic increase in the number and breadth of tasks that need to be accomplished, pulling the new group leader in several different directions. Third, it is not easy to recognize that mentoring is instrumental in maximizing the efforts and the establishment of a developing lab.

The ISSCR Board of Directors, composed of distinguished stem cell scientists, will join beginning investigators over lunch to share their experiences and thoughts on how to overcome the challenges faced in establishing your own lab.