In addition to the Presidential Symposium, the scientific sessions will cover the following topics:

Plenary Topics

Disease Modeling
Making Tissues and Organs
Immunology and Stem Cells
Pluripotency, Mechanisms of Reprogramming
Regeneration and Engraftment
Therapy with Stem Cells

Concurrent topics

Cell Adhesion, Motility and Migration
Control and Induction of Pluripotency
Disease Modeling
Epithelial and Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Ethics and Public Policy; History of Science; Communication; Education
Germline and RNA Biology
Lineage Relationships and Clonality
Modeling Disease with iPSCs
Neural Degeneration

Neural Stem Cells and Differentiation
Pancreas, Lung, Liver, and Intestine

Road to the Clinic
Single Cell Biology
Stem Cell Niche
Stem Cell Regulatory Networks and Models
Stem Cells and Cancer
Stem Cells in Model Organisms
Tissue Engineering, Organ Development and Regeneration
Transdifferentiation and Reprogramming