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Concurrent Sessions I & II from the ISSCR 2015 Annual Meeting

View select talks from the ISSCR 2015 Annual Meeting concurrent sessions I and II on-demand thru 3 August.
It has been just over a half-century since the structure of DNA was solved. In the intervening years, advances in the technology used to analyze and manipulate DNA have led to scientific breakthroughs that have significantly and rapidly advanced how we understand and treat human disease. It is now possible to edit genes in humans, a strategy that is currently being tested in clinical trials as an approach to fight diseases such as HIV and cancer. There have been recent questions raised on whether this technology can and should be used to modify the inheritable DNA in human sperm, eggs or early embryos. Dr. George Daley, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Timothy Caulfield, University of Alberta, discuss the scientific and medical applications, as well as the social and legal implications.

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Neuroendocrine Regulation of Bone Marrow Stem Cells

Simon Mendez-Ferrer, PhD
Simon Mendez-Ferrer, PhD, Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research, Madrid Spain and The Department of Haematology and The Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge and National Health Service Blood Transplant, Cambridge, U.K.

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Stem Cell Therapy for HIV/AIDS
Tuesday, 28 July 2015
12:00 CST, U.S.

John Zaia
The Aaron D. and Edith Miller Chair for Gene Therapy and Director of the Center for Gene Therapy at City of Hope, California, U.S.

Asymmetric Stem Cell Division in the Niche
Wednesday, 5 August 2015
12:00 CST, U.S.

Yukiko Yamashita 
The James Playfair McMurrich Collegiate Professor of Life Sciences at the University of Michigan and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
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