Stem Cells in Focus Webcast

The ISSCR is pleased to announce original programming on the ISSCR Connect Public Channel. Each month, we will explore a new topic of interest to patients and their loved ones with the help of leading stem cell scientists and clinicians. Upcoming topics include endogenous heart repair, disease modeling and drug discovery and personalized stem cell medicine.

April 15, 5 pm Eastern Time (USA)

Exploring Organoids: Growing a Kidney in a Dish

Melissa H. Little, Ph.D., The University of Queensland, Australia

Previous webcasts available on demand

Disease Modeling with iPS Cells: Diseases in a Dish Explained

Kevin Eggan, PhD, Harvard Stem Cell Institute, USA

Stem cell research is revolutionizing the way we can study human diseases. Using a technology called "induced pluripotent stem cells" (or iPS cells), scientists can turn a patent's own cells into embryonic-like stem cells and then use those cells to model diseases outside of the body. During this live public webcast, Dr. Kevin Eggan from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute will describe how he is using this method to study neurological and psychiatric conditions such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and schizophrenia. 

An Introduction to Endogenous Heart Repair

Deepak Srivastava, MD, Gladstone Institutes, USA

Millions of people suffer from heart attacks each year, and survivors face an increased risk of chronic heart failure due to scarring. Stem cell scientists like Dr. Deepak Srivastava are researching ways to regenerate heart tissue and restore function – a process called endogenous (or “self”) repair. Learn more about the research and its potential in this webcast.