Giving to ISSCR

Anyone can make a difference in the world of stem cell research by making a gift to ISSCR, knowing that their donations will extend, expand and augment what researchers in labs are doing.

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) serves as a focal point for stem cell researchers around the world, providing a platform for education and cooperation and for the promotion of rigorous scientific and ethical standards. It brings together researchers from over 50 nations together is a variety of ways, but ways which ultimately help move forward the important work being done in stem cell research and translational medicine. 


Your gifts can help ISSCR Fulfill its mission and vision to support and encourage stem cell research around the world, ultimately helping move stem cell science from the lab to the clinic.

Your generous donation will:

  • Support the leaders in the groundbreaking research that will lead to tomorrow's cures and therapies for a host of debilitating illnesses
  • Advance scientific education and encourage global information sharing across different scientific disciplines
  • Advance public education about all elements of stem cell science so voters and leaders worldwide

There are many ways to give to ISSCR, many of which have substantial tax benefits.

If you make a gift to ISSCR you qualify for membership in our gift recognition society, “Friends of ISSCR.

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