Stem Cells: Basic Biology to Therapeutic Application

Co-organized by ISSCR and Cold Spring Harbor Asia
19-22 October, 2015
Suzhou, China

Stem Cell Models of Neural Degeneration and Disease

Co-organized by ISSCR and Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden
1-3 February, 2016
Dresden, Germany

Pluripotency: From Basic Science to Therapeutic Applications, Celebrating 10 Years of iPS Cell Technology

Co-organized by ISSCR and the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application
22-24 March, 2016
Kyoto, Japan

Changing the Face of Modern Medicine: Stem Cells & Gene Therapy

Co-organized by ISSCR,  the European Society for Gene and Cell Therapy, and Associazione di Biologia Cellulare e del Differenziamento
18-21 October, 2016
Florence, Italy

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