Stem Cell Societies, Networks and Consortiums


Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research (ASSCR)

Dr Michael O'Connor (President),;
Dr Michael Morris (Secretary),;

The ASSCR is the peak body representing stem cell and regenerative medicine scientists in Australia and New Zealand. The ASSCR acts independently and as a hub of local societies, actively promoting stem cell/regenerative medicine research, education and policy development. The ASSCR holds an annual conference and professional development events for its academic, clinical and industry-based membership. The ASSCR is actively involved in community engagement and will co-sponsor the 2018 ISSCR Annual Meeting in Melbourne, Australia.
Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine
Teruo Okano (President),
Hideyuki Okano (Board of Directors),


The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine was established and succeeded the previous goals of the Cell Therapy Research Society. The society aims to advance medical research for beneficial techniques applicable to a clinical setting, and to contribute to human health by creating a breeding ground for cutting-edge, creative approaches and ground-breaking research. The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine hosts annual internal meetings as well as symposia open to the public.

Korean Society for Stem Cell Research

Prof. Dong-Ik Kim, MD, Ph D. (President),
Prof. Jihwan Song, DPhil.
(International Secretary),
Ms. Yeon-Jung Han
(Assistant Administrator), 

The Korean Society for Stem Cell Research (KSSCR) is an independent, non-profit organization established to promote and represent the stem cell research and networking across academic, industrial, clinical, and governmental sectors in Korea. Members consist of basic scien tists, clinical and translational research scientists, as well as individuals engaged in regulatory issues for clinical applications. Since 2005, KSSCR has hold annual meetings in summer and workshops in winter regularly every year.

Stem Cells Australia

Megan Munsie (Head of Education, Ethics, Law & Community Awareness),  
Martin Pera (Program Leader),

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Stem Cells Australia brings together Australia’s leading academic researchers in bioengineering, nanotechnology, bioinformatics, stem cell biology, advanced molecular analysis and clinical translation with the aim to translate knowledge into innovative biotechnological and therapeutic applications in partnership with industry and other initiatives across the globe. This Australian Government funded research network holds an annual retreat for members and participates in the annual Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research meeting. 

Stem Cell Society Singapore (SCSS)

Gerald Udolph (Director of Operations)

SCSS is a non-profit organization which seeks to serve the community with a threefold objective to bring together researchers, clinicians, health professionals, and companies that are interested in stem cells, to provide information about stem cell research to laypeople, and to provide a focus for all issues connected with stem cells.  SCSS holds an annual symposium as well as a Seminar Series and they have offered travel awards to their members to attend the ISSCR Annual Meetings on a regular basis.

Taiwan Society for Stem Cell Research

Chung-Liang Chien (President),
You-Tzung Chen

TSSCR aims to promote stem cell related research education and application through facilitating connections among local and international stem cell societies, assisting our government to establish stem cell therapy related regulations and promoting the collaboration among academics, clinics, industry, and government institutions. The organization holds annual national or international conferences and they award travel grants to students and post-doctoral fellows to attend the ISSCR Annual Meetings.

Middle East

Israel Stem Cell Society (ISCS)

Shulamit Levenberg (President),

 The ISCS is a professional, non-profit organization which aims to promote the exchange of data on stem cell research and regenerative medicine in Israel. ISCS bring together researchers, clinicians, health professionals, and industry representatives and hosts, organizes and links academic activities nationwide. The ISCS holds regular meetings on scientific/clinical and technical aspects of stem cell research as well as an annual international stem cell conference and young investigator seminar. For the coming meeting see:


Associazione di Biologia Cellulare e del Differenziamento (ABCD)

Giuseppe Testa (Exec Board Member),

Emanuela Orlando (General Secretary),

ABCD gathers scientists nation-wide, working in academic or non-profit research institutions covering the broad field of cell and molecular biology, spanning stem cell biology, organismal development and cell differentiation. ABCD organizes national meetings open to non-members as well as special interest group meetings in the field of stem cell and regenerative medicine.


Danish Stem Cell Society (DASCS)

Mikkel Aabech Rasmussen (Vice-president),
Christophe N. Poire
(Chief financial officer),
Christian Clausen
(Head of DASCS),

DASCS provides a broad and interdisciplinary focal point for researchers and professionals within the stem cell and regenerative medicine field in Denmark. The membership is comprised of both academia and industry. DASCS hosts an annual Stem Cell Symposium as well as various other events that are open to the public.

Clare Blackburn (Project Coordinator),
Jan Barfoot
(Information and Communication Manager),

EuroStemCell Factsheets
EuroStemCell engagement Toolkit
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EuroStemCell unites over 400 European stem cell and regenerative medicine research laboratories in a coordinated effort to engage the public about science. EuroStemCell is a partnership of scientists, clinicians, ethicists, social scientists, and science communicators who work closely with teachers and patient representatives, funded by the European Commission. The centre-piece of the project is a public-facing, multilingual website However, EuroStemCell also facilitates both internal and open events and training sessions. 

German Stem Cell Network (GSCN)
Dr. Daniel Besser (Managing Director),
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Martin (President),


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The central task of the GSCN is to pool the expertise in stem cell research in Germany and develop synergies between basic research, regenerative medicine, and pharmacology. The majority of the members work in public research institutes in Germany and research institutes and the GSCN also has research institutes, companies, and a partner association as members. The GSCN holds annual conferences that are open to the public and rotate among German cities.

German Society for Stem Cell Research e.V. (GSZ)

Prof. Dr. hc Jurgen Hescheler (President) ,
Suzanne Wood

Journal of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

The GSZ is an incorporated society that intends to build up a basis for supporting stem cell research and regenerative medicine and to assemble all scientists interested in this and related fields including biotechnology, genetics, cell biology, basic as well as applied sciences up to later clinical application. Members are made up of individuals from major universities and research institutions throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, and Belgium. The GSZ organizes an annual meeting where especially young stem cell researchers are given a forum to present their innovative results. 

Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research (NCSCR)
Joel C. Glover (Director),

The NCSCR is based in the Oslo area with member affiliations to the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. The majority of members are academic or clinical with associate members from industry and patient organizations. The NCSCR is engaged in basic, translational and clinical stem cell research and maintains the National Core Facility for Human Pluripotent Stem Cells. It also organizes the Annual Norwegian Stem Cell Networking Conference each fall.
Stem Cell Network North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

Anne Do Lam Ruschewski (Managing Director):
Prof. Oliver Bruestle
(Chairman of the Managing Board),

The Stem Cell Network NRW represents research facilities at 35 institutes and clinics with more than 400 scientist working in the field of adult and reprogrammed but also embryonic stem cells. NRW holds a biannual International Meeting that is open and free to the public. Thanks to the suppport of the State of NRW the organization funds stem cell research and they have offered travel awards to attend the ISSCR Annual Meetings in the past.

North America

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)

Karen Ring,

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CIRM is California’s state stem cell institute. Our mission is to accelerate stem cell treatments to patients with unmet medical needs. We fund projects at all stages of the research pipeline. Companies and institutions based anywhere can apply to fund portions of their projects conducted in California. The institute will be funding 20 scholarships to the 2016 ISSCR meeting.

New York State Stem Cell Science Program (NYSTEM)

Kathy Chou,
Matthew Kohn

The New York State Stem Cell Science program, NYSTEM, was launched in 2007 to support stem cell research across New York State.  NYSTEM supports basic, applied, translational and other research activities to advance scientific discoveries in stem cell biology. In addition to supporting a range of research, NYSTEM supports infrastructure, scientific training, and educational initiatives. Since 2007, NYSTEM has issued 22 RFAs, and made 323 awards totaling $354 million to 35 New York institutions.

New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF)

David McKeon (Chief of Staff),
Dr. Michael Yaffe
(Vice President, Scientific Programs),

Repository of induced pluripotent stem cell lines  

NYSCF is a non-profit organization with a mission to accelerate cures for the major diseases of our time through stem cell research. NYSCF combines the depth of a highly focused research institute with the breadth of a wide-ranging philanthropic organization, conducting research at it’s own independent laboratory in New York, funding postdoctoral fellowship and early career investigator programs, and collaborating with major medical research and leading academic institutions around the world. 

Stem Cell Network (SCN)

Cate Murray (Director, Communications & External Affairs), 

Established in 2001, the Stem Cell Network (SCN) has become Canada’s foremost research organization dedicated to enabling the translation of stem cell research into clinical applications, commercial products and public policy. SCN has links to 30 Canadian universities and hospitals, supported 12 clinical trials, 11 start-up companies, incubated several international and Canadian research networks and organizations, funded more than 130 researchers, trained over 2,500 highly qualified personnel, and established the Till & McCulloch Meetings, Canada’s foremost stem cell research event.  

South America

Associação Brasileira de Terapia Celular (Brazilian Association for Cell Therapy) (ABTCel)
Dr. Sergio Paulo Bydlowski (President),

Patient handbook translations

ABTCel’s mission is to promote, incentivize, and communicate research related to cell therapy and bioengineering, suggesting actions to maximize studies and exchange in these areas of scientific knowledge among professionals of public and private institutions, always conforming to ethical values. ABTCel puts on The Brazilian Congress on Stem Cells and Cell Therapy Meeting bi-annually.

Rede Nacional de Terapia Celular (National Network of Cell Therapy)

Antonio Carlos Campos de Carvalho, (Coordinator)

The organization aims to generate scientific knowledge in the field of regenerative medicine by stimulating collaborations among researchers exchanging technological expertise about stem cells. The organization holds events every two years for members, who are made up of academics.

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