Innovation Showcase

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The Innovation Showcases are a popular feature of the ISSCR Annual Meeting and have sold out two years in a row. Host a 30 minute or 60 minute tutorial to introduce new products, give in-depth technical demonstrations, and present technical updates. Innovation Showcases are offered in the morning and over lunch breaks on Thursday and Friday. Participation fee is $3,400 USD for a 30 minute session and $6,800 USD for a 60 minute session.

Note: You must be exhibiting at ISSCR 2018 to hold an Innovation Showcase.

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Annual Meeting Focus Sessions

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The ISSCR invites nonprofit organizations and corporate entities to contribute important educational content that is relevant and timely to scientists dedicated to stem cell research in Annual Meeting Focus Sessions. The ISSCR values the important role nonprofit organizations and corporate entities play in providing stem cell scientists with quality educational programs.

Focus Sessions are offered on Wednesday morning, 20 June 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibiton Centre, preceding the ISSCR Annual Meeting Presidential Symposium.

Focus Sessions may be up to three hours in length. Focus Sessions will begin at 9:00 and must be completed by 12:00. The ISSCR Annual Meeting Presidential Symposium starts at 13:00.

Focus Sessions are planned solely by the nonprofit organization or corporate entity. Up to seven Focus Sessions may be held concurrently.

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Application submission is open 1 August 2017 through 23 February 2018.

You will designate one contact person as the organizer with whom the ISSCR will communicate and who agrees to share information with any other representatives. Organizers of submitted applications agree to take responsibility for following these guidelines for the Annual Meeting Focus Sessions.

Applications may be submitted at any time during open submission. The ISSCR Program Committee will review complete applications. The organizer on the application will be notified in March if their application has been accepted.

Application Information

  • Focus Session title
  • Name of nonprofit organization or corporate entity
  • Proof of nonprofit status if applicable
  • Contact information for the organizer who will receive correspondence from the ISSCR related to coordinating the session
  • Narrative description of the Focus Session
  • Target audience
  • Statement of educational need and/or benefit for holding the Focus Session
  • Complete agenda with suggested speakers, start time, and end time
  • Confirmed speaker list including each speaker’s name, institution, and country*

*Speakers can be finalized up to 23 March 2018. Changes after 23 March will not be reflected in onsite materials.

Please be as accurate and detailed as possible, as the ISSCR will use the information from the application to describe the sessions in the ISSCR Annual Meeting marketing and promotional materials, including on the ISSCR Annual Meeting website, mobile app, and the Annual Meeting Program.

General Information

  • Organizers of Focus Sessions are welcome to develop promotional materials for their session. The ISSCR reserves its right to review and approve all promotional materials produced for Focus Sessions, including invitations, announcements, flyers, websites, and signs.  The deadline to submit promotional materials to the ISSCR for approval is 14 May 2018.  Please allow up to five business days for the ISSCR to consider requests for approval.
  • The ISSCR will provide the organizer with the ISSCR branding guidelines to support the development of your promotional materials.
  • Focus Sessions must be contained within the assigned room. Video overflow is not permitted.
  • For photography and videography arrangements, Focus Session organizers must comply with all guidelines set by ISSCR, the Convention Centre and any local ordinances. You may record your focus session at your expense. If you intend to record your program you must submit your request to the ISSCR. You will incur all costs associated for recording. The ISSCR reserves the right to record any and all Annual Meeting Focus Sessions and use the recording in part or in full in a way that the ISSCR deems appropriate.
  • Standing and/or distributing promotional literature or other materials in public areas of the convention center or area hotels is strictly prohibited.

Penalties for violating the ISSCR Annual Meeting Focus Session Guidelines:

Focus Session organizers are required to abide by the rules and regulations in these guidelines. Failure to do so will result in the following:

  • The nonprofit organization or corporate entity will not be eligible to participate in future Focus Sessions.
  • The nonprofit organization or corporate entity will not have access to ancillary meeting space in future years.
  • The corporate entity will be denied participation as an exhibitor at ISSCR meetings in future years.
  • The corporate entity’s priority points will be reduced.


Focus Session's do not include complimentary registrations for speakers or company/organization personnel. All speakers must be registered for the ISSCR 2018 Annual Meeting and are subject the the standard ISSCR 2018 registration rates for attendees. 



The ISSCR is not responsible for Focus Session speaker reimbursements.

If a speaker presenting in a plenary or concurrent session at the ISSCR 2018 Annual Meeting is also presenting in a Focus Session, the speaker must deliver unique information during each presentation. A subset of information or repeat of a plenary or concurrent session is strictly prohibited. The ISSCR asks the letters of invitation to the speakers for the Annual Meeting Focus Session indicate that the ISSCR expects that speakers will not substitute participation in a Focus Session for participation in a plenary or concurrent session.

Program Content

The program must not duplicate content in the ISSCR 2018 Annual Meeting program.

The program must be presented in an objective, balanced, and scientifically rigorous manner.

The program cannot promote a specific drug, product, service, nor promote or endorse a specific proprietary business interest.


The invoice will be sent to the organizer designated on the application. The organizer is responsible for ensuring payment by the due date. Payment is due no later than 26 March 2018.

No refunds will be made at any time.

The ISSCR is not responsible for charges incurred for the Annual Meeting Focus Sessions. Any additional costs, including, but not limited to labor, audio/visual, shipping, and other associated costs, are the sole responsibility of the organizer

Fees and Pricing

Application submission is open 1 August 2017 through 23 February 2018.

There is a fee to organize a Focus Session.

Corporate entity:  $ 9,500 USD

Nonprofit organization:  $ 5,000 USD

To qualify for the nonprofit organization rate of $5,000 USD, the organizer is required to provide proof of the organization’s nonprofit status with the application. For US organizations, a copy of the nonprofit organization’s IRS Determination Letter satisfies the proof required. A similar document for non-US organizations will be recognized as proof of nonprofit status. If there is a co-supporting nonprofit organization for the session, both organizations are required to submit proof of nonprofit status to be eligible for the nonprofit organization rate.

If the Focus Session is supported by a corporate entity, the corporate rate applies.

Fee includes

  • Focus sessions will be included in marketing promotions to the ISSCR international community in advance of the meeting and onsite. Marketing promotions include the ISSCR Annual Meeting website, marketing emails to more than 11,000 scientists, researchers and industry professionals, and the ISSCR Annual Program Guide.
  • Meeting room. Room will be set theatre-style or classroom-style, usually to the maximum capacity for the room. Room sets will be determined approximately 8 weeks before the meeting.
  • Two six-foot tables right outside of the session room for promotional material distribution.
  • Audio-Visual setup arrangements and labor will be set according to standard ISSCR room set and will include a lectern, microphone, one table microphone at the head table, microphone for audience Q & A, one projector, and one screen.
  • At least one coffee station for Focus Session delegates from 8:30-9:00 prior to the start of the Focus Sessions.
  • One-time complimentary use of the ISSCR 2017 Annual Meeting pre-meeting delegate mailing list for your pre-show mailing. The ISSCR reserves the right to approve all mailing pieces. The deadline to submit your mailing piece for approval is 14 May 2018. Sending a mailing in advance of the meeting is optional.

Additional furnishings, and audio/visual must be ordered through the ISSCR’s official meeting providers. All incurred costs associated with Focus Session activities beyond what is provided by the ISSCR are the sole responsibility of the organizer.

iconInnovation Showcase Fees

$3,400 USD
30 minute session

$6,800 USD
60 minute session

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*An additional 10% charge for GST will be added to all orders

icon Focus Session Fees

$9,500 USD
Corporate Entity

$5,000 USD
Nonprofit Organization

Focus Session Sign-up

An additional 10% charge for GST will be added to all orders

icon2Important Dates & Deadlines

1 August 2017 - 23 February 2018

Applications for Focus Sessions are accepted by the ISSCR


23 February 2018
Final deadline for application submission


26 March 2018
Payment due for Focus Session due


30 March 2018
Final agenda and program due to the ISSCR, if not already submitted


April 2018
The ISSCR will send an email promotion to more than 11,000 recipients devoted exclusively to promoting the Focus sessions at ISSCR 2018.


14 May 2018
Deadline to submit draft promotional materials for the Annual Meeting Focus Sessions, including invitations, announcements, flyers, handouts, websites, and additional signs to the ISSCR for approval.


Deadline to submit mailing pieces to the ISSCR for approval. Sending a pre-meeting mailing is optional.


Please contact Josh Coe

jcoe@isscr.org | +1-224-592-5003.