Research that Complements the Annual Meeting Program

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Focus Sessions give nonprofit or corporate organizations the opportunity to educate attendees with objective, balanced, and scientifically rigorous research that complements the annual meeting. 

There will be a maximum of seven (7) concurrently-running Focus Sessions available from 9:00-12:00 on Wednesday, 20 June 2018, the opening morning of the Annual Meeting. Focus Sessions are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and typically sell out, so interested organizations should apply early.

Once a Focus Session has been approved, please review the guidelines and recommendations, to maximize your visibility at the annual meeting.

Focus Sessions must end at 12:00, as they precede the ISSCR Annual Meeting Presidential Symposium. 

Deadlines & Fees

  • Proposals are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. Contact Jack Mosher for details (see below).
  • Payment due 26 March, 2018 in order to ensure inclusion in the program book:
    • $9,500 Corporate; $5,000 Nonprofit Organizations 
  • Focus Sessions are non-refundable. All prices in USD and add 10% GST.

If you have any questions, please contact Jack Mosher at, +1-224-601-5000 

Focus Session Application Form

All Focus Sessions must be in compliance with the ISSCR Annual Meeting Focus Sessions Guidelines. All completed applications will be acknowledged by the ISSCR in March if their application has been accepted.

* - indicates required field

Name of nonprofit or corporate entity

Focus Session Representative Contact

Individual will receive all correspondence from the ISSCR related to coordinating the session and share information with co-author(s) and/or other representatives (if applicable).

Proposed Focus Session Details

We will use this in the program, website, and mobile app. Please summarize the broad overview of the session. The topic(s) must be objective, balanced, and scientifically rigorous research that will complement the annual meeting. The Focus Session cannot promote or endorse a drug, product, service, or a specific proprietary business interest. Limit 150 words.

Include an outline of the program with the start time, end time, and speaker(s). Provide each speaker's contact information including institution, and country. Use either content box or sharing files/URL options below.

Upload Agenda
Upload Agenda
Upload Speaker List
Upload Speaker List
Please note: Additional furnishings and audio/visual must be ordered through the ISSCR's official meeting providers. All incurred costs associated with Focus Session activities beyond what is provided by the ISSCR as outlined in the Annual Meeting Focus Session Guidelines are the sole responsibility of the organizer.

Include with your application:

  • Upload files/share URL to document(s) with suggested speakers, start time, and end time
  • Upload files/share URL to document(s) with each speaker's name, institution, and country
  • Proof of nonprofit status (if applicable)

Speakers can be finalized up to 30 March, 2018. Changes after 30 March, 2018 will not be reflected in onsite materials.

Focus Session Guidelines and Recommendations 

If your Focus Session is approved, these are the guidelines and recommendations to maximize your visibility. 

Promotional Materials

  • Invitations, announcements, flyers, websites, and signs are encouraged to promote your Focus Session. These are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization or its representatives, not the ISSCR. 
  • Use the 2018 ISSCR Annual Meeting Brand Guidelines for details on logo, fonts, colors, etc. 
  • ISSCR must  approve all promotional materials. 
  • Deadline to submit promotional materials for review is 14 May, 2018
  • ISSCR will review materials within five (5) business days of receipt



  • Focus Session speakers do not qualify for reimbursement from ISSCR. 
  • If a Focus Session speaker is also presenting in a plenary or concurrent session, each presentation must provide unique information.
    • A subset of information or repeat of a plenary or concurrent session is strictly prohibited.
  • The ISSCR asks that letters of invitation to the Focus Session speakers indicate that the ISSCR expects that speakers will not substitute participation in a Focus Session for participation in a plenary or concurrent session.

Fee Details

  • Nonprofit Rules:
    • To qualify for the nonprofit rate, applicants must include proof of nonprofit status:
      • IRS Determination Letter satisfies requirement for U.S.-based organizations 
      • Similar type of documentation satisfies the requirement for non-U.S.-based organizations
    • If there is a co-supporting nonprofit for the Focus Session, both organizations must submit nonprofit status documentation to be eligible for the nonprofit rate
    • If the Focus Session is supported by a corporate entity, the corporate rate applies 
  • Fee Includes:
    • Meeting room
    • Arranged in theatre-style or classroom-style to maximize capacity 
    • Room assignment and sets will be determined approximately 8 weeks before the meeting
    • Audio/Visual setup and labor according to standard ISSCR room set, which includes:
      • One (1) lectern with microphone
      • One (1) table microphone at head table
      • One (1) microphone for audience Q&A
      • One (1) projector
      • One (1) screen
      • At least one coffee station for Focus Session delegates from 8:30-9:00
      • Two (2) six-foot tables outside of the Focus Session room for promotional material distribution.
  • Promotions
    • One (1) use of the ISSCR 2018 Annual Meeting pre-meeting delegate mailing list for your pre-show mailer (optional)
      • ISSCR reserves the right to review and approve prior to distribution
      • The deadline to submit your mailer for approval is 14 May, 2018
    • Inclusion in ISSCR Annual Meeting-related promotions pre-, during, and post meeting that may include its website, emails to more than 11,000 scientists, researchers, and industry professionals, and the ISSCR Annual Program Guide.
    • Any additional costs incurred by the Focus Session organizer, including, but not limited to labor, audio/visual equipment, and shipping are the sole responsibility of the organizer.

Onsite Rules

  • Focus Session must be contained within the assigned room. Video overflow is not permitted.
  • Distribution of any materials in public areas of the convention center or area hotels is strictly prohibited
  • Photography and videography is allowed at the expense of the nonprofit or corporate organization. In addition, the Focus Session organizer agrees to:
    • Comply with guidelines from ISSCR, the convention center, and local/state ordinances
    • Request intention to photograph/videotape Focus Session

Penalties for Violations 

  • Focus Session organizers are required to abide by the rules and regulations in these guidelines. Failure to do so will result in the nonprofit or corporate organization being:
    • Ineligible to participate in future Focus Sessions
    • Denied access to ancillary meeting space in future years
    • Prohibited from exhibiting at future ISSCR Annual Meetings
    • Reduced priority points (applicable only to corporate entities)