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How to Register as a Member

To receive a member rate for the meeting, you must be a member of the ISSCR^. This requires completing a membership application, submitting a CV, and receiving an endorsement from an existing member, or the membership committee (Full Members and Affiliate Members) or a certification from a training director (Trainee Members).

  1. Begin the online membership application
  2. Upload a copy of your CV (PDF, English)
  3. Fill in endorsement or certification details 
  4. Compete with payment
  5. Register as a member

^Your membership must be valid at the time of registration and at the time of the meeting. The membership year runs 1 January to 31 December. To register for this meeting as a member, your dues must be paid through 31 December, 2018 or greater. See more about ISSCR Membership.

^^if your endorsement/certification is rejected by the membership committee or all documents are not returned within 30 days of your application, your membership may be revoked, and you will be asked to pay the nonmember rate for the meeting.

How to Register Individuals

Simply sign in with your email address and password on file (from abstract submission, membership or a previous meeting) -OR- create a new account. Please click "Continue to New Registration" below.

How to Register Groups or on Behalf of Someone Else

You may choose to group multiple registration from the same organization to simplify your organization's records.

Administrators or Personal Assistants (not attending the meeting)

  1. Sign in with your email address and password -OR- create a new account*.
  2. If you have a promocode, do NOT enter it yet
  3. Select "I am not attending this meeting (registering others only)".
  4. Enter your contact details when prompted under Administrator Information.
  5. Register your group by adding Additional Attendees (enter promocodes now as prompted)

General Attendee Groups (also attending the meeting)

  1. Sign in with your email address and password -OR- create a new account*.
  2. Register others in your group by adding Additional Attendees when prompted.

*ISSCR members and delegates of previous meetings already have an ISSCR email address and password on file. If you do not find the additional attendee's account when searching by email address, please create a new account for the additional attendee.

Modify Your Completed Registration

You may change the following on your registration using your login information:

  • Add group members
  • Add Clinical Advances in Stem Cell Research (Pre-Meeting Session)
  • Add/update Job Match profile
  • Add/update member-only networking events
  • Pay balance due

About the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST)

As required by law, the ISSCR is registered for GST in Australia and must account for GST on the sales related to the event in Melbourne. After payment, you will receive a tax reclamation invoice by email from C-Tax within 60 days.

To learn about GST refunds, please view this one-page document with additional resources.

For GST-related questions, please contact:

CTAX Solutions, Inc.
315 Place d’Youville / Suite 347
Montreal / Qc H2Y 0A4 / Canada
T 514.982.2552


Until 4 May, 2018

Please email a cancellation notice to: to request a refund of:

  • ISSCR 2018 Annual Meeting registration fees (minus a $150 USD cancellation fee)
  • Clinical Advances in Stem Cell Research (minus a $50 USD cancellation fee)

After 5 May, 2018

No refunds will be granted.