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      • 12 March, 2018

    Scientific Excellence at ISSCR 2018

    Scientific excellence is at the core of the ISSCR and is reflected each year in the annual meeting, where exceptional science is shared, discussed, and deliberated. This exchange is key to advancing the scientific dialogue that moves the field forward. The 2018 program in Melbourne, Australia continues that tradition, featuring groundbreaking research presented in plenary, concurrent, and poster sessions.
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      • 15 February, 2018

    ISSCR Releases Guidebook to Evaluate Cell Therapy Trials

    The ISSCR is pleased to announce the release of “Stem Cell Based Clinical Trials: Practical Advice for Physicians and Ethics / Institutional Review Boards,“ a guidebook providing background and fundamental questions for clinicians and review boards to ask when considering running or reviewing early phase, cell-based clinical trials. The guide was developed by practicing physician-scientists and stem cell professionals on the ISSCR’s Clinical Translation Committee.
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      • 9 February, 2018

    Showcasing Inspiring Science and Natural Beauty

    There is no better host city for the ISSCR 2018 annual meeting than Melbourne, Australia, a global hub of innovation in science and biotech with a rich stem cell history, flourishing research culture, and inspiring natural beauty and art.
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      • 4 January, 2018

    ISSCR Remembers Hiromitsu “Hiro” Ogawa

    The ISSCR is saddened by the passing of Hiromitsu “Hiro” Ogawa, a generous and thoughtful man who was a great supporter of stem cell science and the ISSCR.
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      • 11 December, 2017

    ISSCR Announces New Policy Director, Eric Anthony

    The ISSCR has named Eric Anthony to be its new Director of Policy. Anthony served more than eight years as staff in the U.S. Congress, most recently as legislative director for Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut. He will join the Society in early January 2018.
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      • 8 December, 2017

    The ISSCR Remembers Ihor Lemischka

    The ISSCR joins the stem cell community in expressing sadness at the passing of Ihor Lemischka, PhD, Professor of Developmental and Regenerative Biology, Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics at the Icahn School of Medicine.
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      • 6 December, 2017

    Message from the President: 2017 Year in Review

    The ISSCR celebrated its 15th year as a global voice for stem cell research, and our efforts and activities in 2017 reflect the key role the society plays in advancing the field. We advocated on behalf of members in the policy and regulatory arenas, provided resources for the public, and continued to provide a global forum for scientists to gather and share research.
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      • 17 November, 2017

    ISSCR Applauds the FDA Announcement of New Guidelines for Cellular Therapies and Cell-based Tissue Products

    The ISSCR commends the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for reaffirming its regulatory authority over stem cell biologics and clarifying the criteria that determine which cell-based products fall under its oversight. These guidance documents will provide greater transparency for patients, medical professionals, and law enforcement authorities, about the legal status of stem cell treatments in the U.S.
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      • 4 October, 2017

    ISSCR Applauds California Bill to Assist Stem Cell Patients

    A measure signed into law 3 October in the state of California, U.S., requires clinics to inform patients if they are using stem cell interventions that have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ISSCR president Hans Clevers expresses support for the measure.
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      • 31 August, 2017

    ISSCR Opposes U.S. Restrictions on Fetal Tissue, Embryonic Stem Cell Research

    The ISSCR joined with more than 60 medical, patient, and academic groups in writing a letter to the U.S. Senate to oppose prohibitions or restrictions that would further impede the use of federal funding for fetal tissue or embryonic stem cell research.
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      • 28 August, 2017

    ISSCR Responds to FDA Announcement of Enforcement Direction for Stem Cell Treatments

    The ISSCR commends the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its policy direction and enforcement efforts, to provide “bright lines and appropriate oversight” for regulating stem cell treatments and regenerative medicine.
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      • 28 August, 2017

    ISSCR Congratulates Heather Rooke on New Role

    The ISSCR Scientific Director, Heather Rooke, has accepted a position at Harvard University, and will be leaving the ISSCR on 12 September.
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      • 17 March, 2017

    ISSCR Expresses Concern over FY2018 Budget Proposal in U.S.

    The FY2018 Discretionary Budget Plan put forward by the U.S. Administration includes dramatic cuts in funding for science and research programs that would threaten biomedical research and its translation into new therapies for millions of people worldwide.
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      • 20 February, 2017

    ISSCR Announces New Policy Director

    The ISSCR has named Kaye Meier to be its new Director of Policy. Meier is responsible for directing, planning, and executing policy and advocacy efforts, enabling the society and its members to actively engage in shaping stem cell-related public policy around the world.
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      • 10 February, 2017

    Board Letter to Stem Cell Community Regarding Travel to ISSCR 2017

    The ISSCR Board writes a letter to the stem cell community regarding travel to the ISSCR 2017 meeting, 14-17 June.
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