Advancing Stem Cell Science Together

Dear Members:

I find myself reflecting on the amazing evolution of the stem cell research field, and I can’t help but share my excitement about the future and the opportunities we each have, as individuals, to further advance and support our science. 

In recent years, we have learned so much about the basic biology of stem cells, and we continue to progress in translating our collective knowledge into new treatments for some of the world’s most serious injuries and conditions. The public, and patients especially, are tracking our progress and counting on us to find responsible ways forward and into the clinic.

This year, the ISSCR deepens its commitment to public education and outreach through a broad-based communications effort, which includes a new blog, Stem Cells in Focus, live public webcasts, an expansion of patient resources and regular press releases sharing positive news from the field. 

As a society, we are building and deepening partnerships with clinicians, patient advocacy groups, regulators and industry collaborators, but we need your help to meet the ambitious goals we have set for the year ahead. 

We want your input and your ideas on how to make a difference. If you haven’t already, please renew your membership, visit the ISSCR website often and connect with us through our LinkedIn group and Facebook page. If each of us lends our time and our voice, the potential of the ISSCR is limitless.

Very best regards,

Janet Rossant
ISSCR President