Ethics, Stem Cells and Society

Rapid advances in stem cell and regenerative medicine technologies continue to provide us with a better understanding of disease and move us towards new therapies and diagnostic technologies to better treat patients. At the same time, new social, moral and ethical issues arise. One of the most commonly asked questions in stem cell research is whether it is ethical to use human embryos to procure embryonic stem cells. However, there are many additional ethical and social issues that pertain to stem cell research, some specific to stem cell research, others common to many scientific and medical disciplines.
Ethics and public policy perspectives are integrated into ISSCR programs. The ISSCR Ethics and Public Policy Committee, comprised of experts in law, social policy and ethics from around the world address a broad range of issues in their work and continue to create recognition of the issues, develop informational resources and open discussion.
Ethics is a conversation about questions. In that conversation, everyone has a place.


ISSCR Guidelines for the Conduct of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
ISSCR Guidelines for the Clinical Translation of Stem Cells

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