Stem cell science and regenerative medicine are quickly advancing how we understand disease and translate that expanding knowledge into new therapies for the world’s most devastating diseases. This is a global endeavor, and the ISSCR recognizes the vital role stem cell and regenerative medicine institutes and centers contribute to nurturing and investing in new breakthroughs in our field. To help foster this community, the society has created a community of directors who lead organizations that adhere to widely held principles to conduct research with scientific and ethical integrity. Our International Circle of Stem Cell Institute and Center Directors will provide points of connection and resources to support institutes, labs, scientists, and local communities. We hope you will join us. 


Connection and Community

Make valuable connections with our global community of stem cell institute and center directors in our collaborative virtual community and through evolving opportunities to meet in person. The ISSCR will convene virtual meetings throughout the year to better define and discuss common issues across institutes and centers. Participation in the Circle provides institutes global visibility through the ISSCR web site, access to new avenues to amplify your center’s activities and achievements, and public-facing information about stem cell science and the status of research on a number of diseases. An in-person summit for Circle participants is planned for June 2022, in conjunction with ISSCR 2022 in San Francisco.

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The ISSCR lists all participating stem cell and regenerative medicine institutes and centers prominently on our web site, including your institute's name, logo, location, director, URL and description, providing you with the global visibility of the ISSCR's constituency.


The Value


Networking and Collaboration Year Round
The ISSCR will host topic-specific networking meetings throughout the year to bring this community together virtually. Use these platforms to pose questions to peers on key issues facing institutes, suggest virtual meeting discussion topics, share best practices and leverage the collective experience of the Circle. 

Join Peers at the Annual Summit
Join us in June 2022 in San Francisco, California, USA, at the first annual summit for Directors of Stem Cell Institutes and Centers to discuss common challenges on a variety of topics. This event will be held in conjunction with ISSCR 2022 and is by invitation only for directors of participating institutes and centers.


Global Visibility for Your Institute
As a Circle participant, the ISSCR will invite your institute/center to be featured on the ISSCR's Stem Cell Institutes and Center's web page, which lists institutes and centers that demonstrate a commitment to conducting research with scientific and ethical integrity by adhering to the ISSCR Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation. This listing provides your center the global visibility of the society's constituency, and serves as a career resource for ISSCR members.   

Collaborative Communication Opportunities
As a Circle participant, the ISSCR will connect your communication and marketing staff with ours to discuss strategies to amplify key initiatives.

Fast-tracked Membership
Participating institutes will receive fast-tracked membership evaluation for individuals at their institutes, allowing for easy, one-step membership processing for a group of applicants and faster access to valuable scientific and career-development resources. 

Access Talented Scientists via the ISSCR
Labs gain tools to help source the best and brightest stem cell scientists for via roles though our digital Job Board or with Job Match in connection with our Annual Meetings and International Symposia.

Reliable Public-facing Information
When patients, families or the general public contact you with questions about stem cell treatments or clinical trials, let the ISSCR's resources guide them. Written for the non-scientist, these resources include basic stem cell facts, a stem cell glossary, a Patient Handbook on Stem Cell Therapies, disease-specific fact sheets on the current state of stem cell science, questions to ask their physicians when considering treatments or clinical trials, how to report false marketing claims or adverse events from unapproved stem cell "therapies", and more. 

Inquire about Joining:

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