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Promote My Brand

Coat Check: $7,500

Sponsor’s one (1) color logo will be on signage in the area and on tickets.

Delegate Bags: $20,000 

Sponsor’s one (1) color logo is on the delegates’ reusable bags along with the ISSCR logo. 

Hotel Keycard Sleeves: $7,500

Contact for details

Lanyards: $20,000 SOLD

Sponsor’s one (1) color logo is on all meeting lanyards along with ISSCR logo.

Mobile App: $15,000

Sponsor’s color logo is on the splash screen and one (1) banner ad in the interior of the app.

Notebooks: $12,000 

Sponsor’s one (1) color logo is on delegates’ meeting notebook along with ISSCR logo. 

Pens or Highlighters: $7,500

Sponsor’s one (1) color logo is on every attendees’ pen or highlighter. 

Pocket Schedule: $15,000 

An annotated program in a convenient format, given to every delegate. Your company will receive acknowledgement the cover, a profile or letter on the first page, and a full-color ad on the back cover of this much-used quick-reference guide. Specs: 5.5 x 8.5"

Volunteer Shirts: $7,500 

Sponsor’s one (1) color logo will be worn by all volunteer guides helping attendees during the annual meeting.

WiFi: $20,000 SOLD

Sponsor will be acknowledged via color logo on the log in screen and URL on the landing page when users connect. Product upgrades available with additional costs.

Water Bottles: $5,000 

Have your company logo boldly branded on reusable water bottles.  Attendees will see your company each time they refill and re-hydrate.


Network with Attendees

Career Panel Luncheon: $12,500

ISSCR trainee members gain valuable career insights from a panel of experts in an intimate and relaxed setting.

Early-Career Group Leader Luncheon: $12,500

Exclusive luncheon for ISSCR Board of Directors and approximately 100 early-career leaders.

Junior Investigator Social Night: $30,000 SOLD

Sponsor the biggest party of ISSCR 2020! Sponsorship includes welcome remarks and branded party favors. Limited to one sponsor.

Meet the Experts Luncheon: $12,500

Networking and career-building opportunities for ISSCR trainee members

Meet-Up Hubs: $10,000/each

Exhibit Hall lounges for delegate-led presentations. Sponsorship includes hosting the Meet-Up, program listing and full-color logo on one sign at the hub.

Networking Lounge: $15,000

Tailor this Exhibit Hall lounge to your brand and activities at the meeting (sponsor responsible for additional costs of furniture, labor, etc.) 

Poster Reception: $10,000/each 

(3 Opportunities—Wednesday SOLD, Thursday, and Friday)  One of the most anticipated and attended events! Be the Exclusive sponsor of one of these two-hour evening receptions held in the Exhibit Hall.

President’s Reception: $50,000 SOLD

Invitation-only event for ISSCR leadership and special guests.  Sponsorship includes welcome remarks (up to 2 minutes) and 10 invitations.  Limited to one sponsor. 

Refreshment Breaks: $5,000/each 

(4 Opportunities—Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday)  This unique opportunity will offer brand exposure through signage and logo-branded napkins.


Align/Inform Science

Concurrent Session: $5,000/each

Sponsor’s color logo will be on one (1) sign and one (1) walk-in slide with session chair reading a brief (3-4 sentences) company description. 

Plenary Session: $15,000/each 2 SOLD/5 AVAILABLE

Sponsor’s color logo will be on one (1) sign and one (1) walk-in slide with session chair reading a brief (3-4 sentences) company description.

Presidential Symposium: $20,000 SOLD 

The Presidential Symposium is the first general session and the official launch of the meeting. Each year, attendees eagerly anticipate the remarks given by the ISSCR President, making this the premier event of the Annual Meeting

Travel Award: $5,000 increments

 ISSCR Travel Awards provide financial assistance to presenters in the form of a monetary grant. Sponsors are recognized in the Annual Meeting Program, and award recipients are informed of your support. Sponsorship of $5,000 USD will allow five eligible award applicants to attend the meeting.



(Exclusive to existing Sponsors and Exhibitors)


Put your brand in their hands — literally! Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to reach our 3,000+ delegates during the meeting to highlight your presentations, promotions at your booth, or products and services. 
Premium Issues: Three issues of the newsletter will also be delivered to our full e-mail database, giving your brand visibility beyond the meeting: 

  • Pre-Show: 4 weeks prior to the meeting
  • During Meeting: Thursday 27 June
  • Post-Show: 2 weeks following the meeting

(Discounts may be negotiable for multiple issues. Contact David Perez at dperez@isscr.org for more information.)

Thought Leadership Article: $4,000 Standard / $4,500 Premium 
The opportunity for your company to write your own article for the newsletter! Up to 400 words, a logo, and an image will be included in the email message. Limit 1 per issue. The ISSCR has final approval of subject and copy.  

Banner ads:  

  • Top of newsletter: $2,000 Standard / $3,000 Premium 
  • Mid newsletter: $1,200 Standard / $1,500 Premium 

Your company supplies the digital ad artwork; choice of issues is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Featured Exhibitor ads: $1,000 standard / $1,100 Premium 
Showcase your company, or a promotion at your booth, with a Featured Exhibitor ad. Limit 4 per issue.  


  • 1 page $2,500 USD
  • 2-8 pages $3,000 USD
  • 9-12 pages $3,500 USD
  • Non-Paper Items $3,000 USD

Cost to produce and ship inserts is the responsibility of the advertiser. Non-paper items such as pens and key chains will require the ISSCR's final approval on item. Limited to 10 items to include paper and non-paper items.

EXHIBIT HALL PREVIEW Digital Newsletter: $2,000 

E-mailed to all registered meeting attendees three weeks prior to the meeting, this exclusive preview helps delegates plan for their time in the ISSCR 2020 Exhibit Hall.


Various options available. Contact exhibits@isscr.org, +1-224-592-5003 for opportunities.


The ISSCR 2020 mobile app syncs delegates’ personal schedules, meeting information, contacts, and more.

  • Banner Advertisements: $3,000/each
  • Push Notifications/Alerts: $1,500/each (120 characters)


  • Section Divider Tabs: $3,000
  • Back Cover: $6,000 SOLD
  • Inside Back Cover: $3,000
  • Inside Front Cover: $3,000 SOLD



Industry Presentations

Innovation Showcase: $3,550 per 30-min session; $6,950 per 60-minute session

The Innovation Showcases are a popular feature of the ISSCR Annual Meeting. Host a 30-minute (morning) or 60-minute (lunchtime) tutorial to introduce new products, give in-depth technical demonstrations, and present technical updates to the interested and engaged ISSCR audience. Innovation Showcases are offered over the lunch breaks on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Exclusive.

Focus Sessions: $5,000 nonprofit; $9,500 corporate 

Reinforce your expertise as a thought leader and educational innovator by holding a Focus Session directly preceding the start of the ISSCR 2019 Annual Meeting. Focus Sessions offer companies the opportunity to interact with and present relevant scientific information to the leading stem cell researchers from around the world. All registered delegates are welcome to attend; Focus Sessions are included with delegate registration.