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Exhibit Rules & Regulations

Exhibit Rules & Regulations
The rules and regulations contained herein are part of all exhibit stand contracts. The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) reserves the right to enforce these rules and regulations, as well as to make final decisions on all points covered or not covered in these rules and regulations. The ISSCR reserves the right to decline or remove any exhibit/company that, in its judgment, is not suitable or not keeping with the character of the exhibition. At its discretion, the ISSCR may accept or reject any application for exhibit space. The ISSCR shall have full authority to interpret or amend these rules, and its decision is final.

Show Management

International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)
5215 Old Orchard Rd, Suite 270
Skokie, IL  60077   USA
Phone: +1.224.592.5700   
Fax: +

The term “Show Management” used herein and in subsequent regulations shall mean the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), its agents or employees acting for it, and the management of the exhibit hall.


All exhibit matters and questions not covered in the Prospectus, service kit and/or the Exhibit Contract are subject to the decision of Show Management. These rules and regulations may be amended or changed at any time by the ISSCR, and all amendments and changes will be binding on all parties.

Event Scheduling

Any meeting, hospitality, social function or social event taking place during the ISSCR Annual Meeting (ISSCR 2019) must be pre-approved by the ISSCR in writing. These functions are permitted during program-free hours only and must not conflict with ISSCR educational sessions, special programs and social events, including receptions provided by the ISSCR. Failure to comply may result in denial of participation in all future ISSCR events, exhibit application being cancelled without refund or exhibit stand being closed down at meeting.


Exhibitor Appointed Contractor


Exhibitors may employ professional contractors to perform work desired at the Exhibitor’s booth space. The ISSCR assumes no liability for any work performed by such contractors, and Exhibitors shall look solely to such contractors in the event of any injury or damage resulting from work performed by such contractors.

All outside installation and dismantling contractors or individuals hired directly by Exhibitors to erect and dismantle exhibits shall provide T3 Expo and the Official Contractor with a valid Certificate of Insurance.

Should Exhibitors wish to utilize a firm who is not an Official Contractor designated by the ISSCR, Exhibitors may use their own contractors (“Exhibitor Appointed Contractors”) and notify  T3 Expo in writing no later than 13 May 2019. This rule will be strictly enforced. Exhibitor Appointed Contractors include photographers, security, etc. It is the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor’s responsibility to abide by all rules and regulations from the ISSCR, the onsite facility, and the exhibitor kit.




Exhibiting companies are entitled to two (2) meeting registration badges per ten-foot by ten-foot (10'x10') exhibit stand.  Registrations include access to scientific sessions. ISSCR does not offer Exhibit Hall - Only registrations. Up to 10 additional registrations may be purchased at a discounted rate by Exhibiting companies. The rate for these registrations will be announced in December 2018 when registration opens.

Booth Equipment and Services

The Exhibitor Service Kit includes forms from the Official Contractor for exhibitors to order items for their booth such as: booth rental furniture, featuring carpeting/flooring, additional walling, accessories or signs.

Booth Layouts


The ISSCR subscribes to IAEE’s Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations. The rules and regulations for booth construction are modified to allow island booths to have a maximum height of 20 feet.  The Exhibit Service Kit will include detailed information as it pertains to booth construction and layout. You can purchase the IAEE Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations by clicking here.

All Exhibitors are required to have carpet in their booth.


The following booth configurations are permitted:
o In-Line
o Corner
o Island


Each ten-foot by ten-foot (10'x10') booth comes with:
o Eight foot (8') High back wall drape
o Three Foot (3') High sidewall drape
o One (1) Identification Sign 

Booth Reduction or Cancellation

Full Payment of balance is due and must be made by 31 August 2018. Exhibit stands purchased after 31 August 2018 and before 31 January 2019, must submit full payment within 30 days of registering for an exhibit stand.

Starting 1 February 2019 full payment must be submitted with exhibit application. Failure to do so will result in your exhibit space being released.

Reductions in booth space will be charged the current booth rate plus a 10% administrative fee on the original total contracted booth space.

If 50% of the balance due is paid, that amount is nonrefundable in the event of cancellation.

If full payment is made and cancellation of your exhibit stand occurs prior to 28 February 2019, the exhibitor will be liable for 50% processing fee per 10'x10' stand.

After 28 February 2019 no refunds will be made.  Reductions or cancellations of booth space must be made in writing and cannot be taken over the phone.

In the event of a cancellation of the exhibition due to fire, strikes, government regulations or other causes beyond the ISSCR’s control, ISSCR shall not be held liable for failure to hold the ISSCR Annual Meeting as scheduled and ISSCR shall determine the amount of the exhibit fees to be refunded, if any.


Photographs or videotaping during set up or dismantling is prohibited.

During show hours, photography is permitted by contracted official photographers. An exhibitor who contracts with someone other than the Official Show Photographer to photograph their booth must treat the photographer as he would any other Exhibitor Appointed Contractor, i.e., exhibitor must supply name and address of the supervisor in attendance and the names of personnel on site, as well as a certificate of insurance for the contractor and submit the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor form (found in the exhibitor services kit) with the contractor's certificate of insurance to the ISSCR by 15 May 2019. A list of these photographers will be given to security, and they will be allowed only in the booth for which they were contracted.

The recording of video on the show floor is prohibited unless special permission has been given by the ISSCR. Requests for video recording must be made in writing.

Use of Exhibits and Exhibit Facilities

All exhibits shall serve the interest of the members of the ISSCR and shall be operated in a way that will not detract from other exhibits, the exhibition, or the Meeting as a whole. Show Management reserves the right to remove any exhibit that the ISSCR believes to be detrimental to the purpose of the meeting.


No person, firm or organization not having contracted with Show Management for space in the exhibit hall will be permitted to display or demonstrate any products, processes, or services, solicit orders or distribute advertising materials at the exhibition. Any infringement of this regulation will result in the prompt removal of the offending person from the exhibit hall.

Damage to Exhibit Facilities

The Exhibitor is responsible for any damage it causes to any property of others, to the Facility or the ISSCR.  Exhibitors or their agents shall not injure or deface the walls, columns, or floors of the exhibit facilities, the booths or the equipment or furniture in the booth. Should such damage occur, the exhibitor is liable to the owner of the property.


Electrical installations must conform to facility rules and regulations and to all national, state and local codes. All Exhibitor materials must conform to national, state and local fire and safety codes. Electrical order forms will be included in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

All electrical equipment utilized on site is to show a current electrical test and tag. All electrical connections are to be ordered through the Official Contractor, T3 Expo.

Eligibility to Exhibit

The ISSCR reserves the right to determine the acceptability of applications for exhibit space. The products or services to be exhibited must be of professional or educational interest or benefit to the registrant and are, in the opinion of the ISSCR, related to the fields of stem cell science and regenerative medicine. Exhibitor shall not in any manner indicate that an ISSCR endorsement or approval of Exhibitor’s product or service has been given by the ISSCR merely because the ISSCR has approved such product or service for display.

Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

Anyone found in violation of these rules and regulations may be subject to any or all of the following remedies at the sole discretion of the ISSCR:

  • The exhibit is closed down until the situation is remedied
  • The exhibit is closed down for the remainder of the show
  • Loss of priority points for current year’s show
  • Prohibition of exhibiting at future ISSCR meetings

Exhibit Admittance

Show Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to or to eject from the exhibit floor any objectionable or undesirable person.

Food and Beverage for Hospitality

Distribution of food and beverage from your booth is permitted. Exhibitors must comply with any rules and regulations set forth by the facility with regards to food and beverage. Popcorn is NOT permitted. The LACC have sole catering rights for the sales and/or distribution of any article of food or drink for consumption onsite, therefore all stand catering must be ordered through the venue. Further information regarding distribution of food and beverage, including how to submit a food and beverage order, can be found in the Exhibitor Services kit.

Fire and Safety Regulations

Local regulations will be strictly enforced, and exhibitors assume all responsibility for compliance with such regulations. All decorations must be fireproofed and electrical wiring must meet the safety requirements of the local Fire Department. No combustible material shall be stored in or around exhibit booths.



Exhibitors may distribute samples and souvenirs provided the ISSCR determines that it is done in a dignified manner and does not create a nuisance or interfere with business in adjoining booths. Any debris resulting from giveaways or packaging will be cleared by Official Contractor at the exhibitor’s expense.

The following items are NOT approved: pen or pocket knives, pocket tools, manicure kits, badge holders/lanyards, and cameras.

Any exhibitor having a contest or drawing of any kind must follow all local laws/ordinances/rules/regulations set forth by the California Government. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to make sure they follow all rules and regulations correctly. Any violations will be at the sole expense and fault of the exhibitor. The ISSCR is not responsible or liable for any contests, drawings or giveaways held prior, during or after the meeting.



Installation and Dismantling of Exhibits


All displays must be set up by the designated time.

The Official Contractor claims jurisdiction over all set-up and dismantling of exhibitions including signs and laying of carpet. This does not apply to the unpacking and placement of Exhibitor Merchandise.

The Official Contractor claims jurisdiction on the operation of all material handling equipment, all unloading and reloading, and handling of empty containers. An Exhibitor may move materials that can be carried by hand, by one person in one trip, without the use of dollies hand trucks or other mechanical equipment.

If Exhibitors fail to remove their materials from the Exhibition area in a timely manner, Exhibitors shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend the ISSCR from and against any and all fees or expenses that must be paid to the facility as a result of such a late removal. Any property remaining in the Exhibition area after the termination of the ISSCR Annual Meeting Exhibition may be disposed of or stored at the Exhibitor’s sole cost, as the Official Contractor of facility deems appropriate.

All exhibitors are required to have undergone venue induction prior to the admittance to site.



It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor for any damages, claims, losses, liabilities or expenses arising from any injury to any person or property that arises out of or is in any manner connected with the exhibitor’s participation in the ISSCR’s Annual Meeting, including its indemnity obligations. Exhibitor shall at its own cost and expense provide General Liability Insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000 USD to cover such obligations, including show cancellation insurance. This insurance should recognize the ISSCR as an additional insured. The exhibitor agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the ISSCR from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, suits, claims, demands, costs and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees in connection there-with, which may arise or result in any way from the wrongful acts or negligent acts of exhibitor, its agents, contractors and employees. In no event shall the ISSCR be liable to exhibitor for any loss of business, business opportunities, or for any other type of direct or consequential damages alleged to be due under any claim. It is agreed and understood by exhibitor that the sole liability of the ISSCR for any claims of exhibitor shall be a refund of the amounts paid by exhibitor under this agreement as an exclusive remedy. The parties indemnified and insured shall include the ISSCR, its officers, directors, members, agents and employees.


The ISSCR logo is the property of the ISSCR and may not be used without the permission of Show Management.

Material Handling

See instructions in this exhibitor service manual.

No-Show Policy

An exhibiting company will be considered a no-show if its booth space is unoccupied by 12:00 on 26 June 2019. The exhibitor shall be deemed to have cancelled their Exhibit Space Application/Contract for the 2019 Annual Meeting and will forfeit their space. The exhibit space may be assigned to another exhibitor or used by Show Management. The ISSCR will not provide a refund to the exhibitor.

Presenters and Models

Professional presenters or models may conduct product and service demonstrations.  Activity and attire of models and demonstrators shall be consistent with the professional atmosphere of the ISSCR Annual Meeting.

Press and Press Kits

All press conferences and media events related to an exhibitor’s participation at the ISSCR Annual Meeting must be coordinated with the ISSCR Press Office staff. Press conferences by exhibitors on the exhibit floor are prohibited. No press conferences may be scheduled at hotels or other locations away from the Annual Meeting site.

Product Demonstrations

Demonstrations are permitted if they are presented in an objective, tasteful manner and approval has been received in advance from the ISSCR. Sound must be at a level that does not disturb neighboring exhibits, and presentations must be done in such a manner as not to encourage attendees congregating in the aisles. Exhibitors using audio systems should direct the sound into their booth and not towards the aisle or neighboring exhibits. The exhibitor will be required to stop using a system if, in the ISSCR’s opinion, the sound level or presentation is objectionable to the attendees or adjacent exhibitors. Approval is required for all product demonstrations and written request for approval must be received by 15 May 2019.

Restriction on Selling

All over-the-counter sales or sales of any kind that involve the exchange of currency for goods received during the exhibition are prohibited.  It is the Exhibitors’ responsibility to follow and adhere to any local, city, state or county laws as it relates to business practices or sales conducted in the exhibition.

Staffing, Use of Space and Subletting

Exhibits must remain intact and staffed at all times during exhibition hours. All Exhibitor activities must be confined to the limits of Exhibitor’s allocated exhibit space and must not impede traffic or interfere with the activity of other exhibitors. No exhibitor shall sublet, assign or share any part of their allocated space.

Show Cancellation

It is mutually agreed that in the event that the 2019 ISSCR Annual Meeting is cancelled in whole or in part, or its scheduled opening is cancelled or delayed, due to fire, explosion, strike, freight embargo, act of God, act of public enemy, act of war, war, act of terrorism, civil disturbance, act of any government, de jure or de facto, or other government declaration or regulation, epidemic or other event over which the ISSCR has no control, then the exhibitor contract may be immediately amended by the ISSCR, and exhibitor hereby waives any and all claims against the ISSCR for damages, reimbursement, refund, or compensation. The ISSCR shall not be financially liable in the event the show is interrupted, cancelled, moved or rescheduled.


Please arrange the storage of your crates, cases, etc. directly with the Official Contractor. Cases, crates, and storage containers may not be visible in your stand.


Please arrange a VLAN line if you require an Internet connection at your booth. Hot spot devices and MiFis are strictly prohibited and cannot be used within exhibitor booths. Please refer to the Exhibitor Services kit for more information on how to order a Broadband internet connection through the venue.