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Exhibit Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations contained herein are part of all virtual exhibit stand contracts. The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) reserves the right to enforce these rules and regulations, as well as to make final decisions on all points covered or not covered in these rules and regulations. The ISSCR reserves the right to decline or remove any exhibit/company that, in its judgment, is not suitable or not keeping with the character of the exhibition. At its discretion, the ISSCR may accept or reject any application for virtual exhibit space. The ISSCR shall have full authority to interpret or amend these rules, and its decision is final.

Show Management

International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)
5215 Old Orchard Rd, Suite 270, Skokie, IL 60077 USA
Phone: +1.224.592.5700

The term “Show Management” used herein and in subsequent regulations shall mean the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), its agents or employees acting for it, and the management of the exhibit hall.


All exhibit matters, and questions not covered in the prospectus, service kit and/or the exhibit contract are subject to the decision of Show Management. These rules and regulations may be amended or changed at any time by the ISSCR, and all amendments and changes will be binding on all parties.


Refunds, Credits, and Cancellations

ISSCR has amended contracts and policies to allow for partial refunds or full credits, given the unprecedented global circumstance. Exhibitors, sponsors, and advertisers that have invested in ISSCR 2020 have the following options as they plan for the future:

  1. VIRTUAL MIGRATION | The ISSCR will work with all organization to transition purchases and sponsorship to digital platforms with similar value and visibility. 
  2. CANCELLATIONS | Organizations wishing to cancel their engagement may receive a 50 percent refund on the total value of your investment. Refunds will be processed in 90 days.
  3. CREDITS FORWARD | Organizations may credit any or all of their purchase towards the 2021 Annual Meeting.


Specific Terms and Conditions

Badges | Exhibiting companies are entitled to four (4) meeting registrations per virtual exhibit stand. Registrations include access to scientific sessions. Up to twenty (20) additional registrations may be purchased at a discounted rate by Exhibiting companies. The rate for these registrations is available on the ISSCR 2020 Virtual website,

Booth Equipment and Services | The Exhibitor will have the opportunity to design their virtual exhibit space following the brand guidelines and template provided via the virtual platform.  Further information will be provided under separate cover.

Recording Policy | By exhibiting at the ISSCR 2020 Virtual Meeting, you agree to ISSCR's Recording Policy. The ISSCR strictly prohibits the recording (photographic, screen capture, audio and/or video), copying or downloading of scientific results from the sessions, presentations and/or posters at the ISSCR 2020 Virtual Meeting. Intent to communicate or disseminate results or discussion presented at the meeting is prohibited until the start of each individual presentation.

Eligibility to Exhibit | The ISSCR reserves the right to determine the acceptability of applications for exhibit space. The products or services to be exhibited must be of professional or educational interest or benefit to the registrant and are, in the opinion of the ISSCR, related to the fields of stem cell science and regenerative medicine. Exhibitor shall not in any manner indicate that an ISSCR endorsement or approval of Exhibitor’s product or service has been given by the ISSCR merely because the ISSCR has approved such product or service for display.

Enforcement of Rules and Regulations | Anyone found in violation of these rules and regulations may be subject to any or all of the following remedies at the sole discretion of the ISSCR: 

  • The exhibit is deactivated and eliminated from the virtual trade show floor until the situation is remedied, ·
  • The exhibit is deactivated and removed for the remainder of the show, · 
  • Loss of priority points for current year’s show
  • Exclusion from exhibiting at future ISSCR meetings.

Exhibit Admittance | Show Management reserves the right to refuse participation from the virtual exhibit floor any objectionable or undesirable person.

Giveaways/Contests/Lotteries | Any exhibitor having a contest or drawing of any kind must follow all governmental laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to make sure they correctly follow all rules and regulations. Any violations will be at the sole expense and fault of the exhibitor. The ISSCR is not responsible or liable for any contests, drawings or giveaways held prior, during or after the meeting.

ISSCR Logo | The ISSCR logo is the property of the ISSCR and may not be used without the permission of Show Management.

No-Show Policy | An exhibiting company will be considered a no-show if its virtual booth space is not prepared for virtual viewing 24 June 2020. The exhibitor shall be deemed to have cancelled their Exhibit Space Application/Contract for the 2020 Virtual Meeting and will forfeit their space. The virtual exhibit space may be assigned to another exhibitor or used by Show Management. The ISSCR will not provide a refund to the exhibitor.

Payment Terms | All sales are final. Payment is due at time of application submission. Failure to submit payment will result in your virtual exhibit space application not being approved.

Product Demonstrations | Video demonstrations are permitted, instructions regarding time limits formats, file sizes and uploading instructions will be supplied by virtual platform provider.

Show Cancellation | It is mutually agreed that in the event that the ISSCR 2020 Virtual Meeting is cancelled in whole or in part, or its scheduled opening is cancelled or delayed, due to fire, explosion, strike, freight embargo, act of God, act of public enemy, act of war, war, act of terrorism, civil disturbance, act of any government, de jure or de facto, or other government declaration or regulation, epidemic or other event over which the ISSCR has no control, then the exhibitor contract may be immediately amended by the ISSCR, and exhibitor hereby waives any and all claims against the ISSCR for damages, reimbursement, refund, or compensation. The ISSCR shall not be financially liable in the event the show is interrupted, cancelled, moved or rescheduled.

Staffing, Use of Space and Subletting | Exhibits must remain staffed at all times during scheduled exhibition hours. All Exhibitor activities must be confined to the limits of Exhibitor’s allocated exhibit space and chat room and must not interfere with the activity of other exhibitors. No exhibitor shall sublet, assign or share any part of their allocated space.

Use of Exhibits and Exhibit Facilities | All exhibits shall serve the interest of the members and delegates of the ISSCR and shall be operated in a way that will not detract from other exhibits, the exhibition, or the Meeting as a whole. Show Management reserves the right to remove any exhibit that the ISSCR believes to be detrimental to the purpose of the meeting. Any infringement of this regulation will result in the prompt removal of the offending exhibit company from the virtual exhibit hall.