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Plenary Sessions

Seven plenary sessions make up the core of the ISSCR Annual Meeting, and focus on key areas of stem cell research and its application. Plenary sessions showcase speakers who can inspire and invigorate attendees with their cutting-edge research and ideas. Award lectures and other featured lectures are also presented in the plenary sessions. Selected abstract speakers will be included in the plenary program. Organized by the ISSCR Annual Meeting Program Committee.

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent sessions allow for close examination of focused topics from across the spectrum of stem cell research. New in 2020, four core themes will give context to the 20 concurrent sessions:

  • Tissue Stem Cells and Regeneration: exploring tissue stem cells in development, maintenance, and regeneration, stem cell-niche interactions, and stem cells in cancer
  • Cellular Identity: understanding the basis of cell state and type, epigenetic and genetic regulation, and the mechanisms of reprogramming
  • Modeling Development and Disease: examining advances using stem cells in vivo and in vitro to model development and disease with applications for drug discovery and therapeutics
  • Clinical Application; highlighting the cellular therapy and tissue engineering research that is moving toward the clinic

Concurrent sessions will explore these themes in different cell and tissue contexts:

  • Cardiac and Muscle
  • Early Embryo and Pluripotency
  • Endodermal, Epithelial and Mesenchymal
  • Hematopoietic and Endothelial
  • Neural

Each concurrent session, framed by a brief topic overview, includes one or two invited speakers whose work highlights leading research in the field along with up to six abstract-selected speakers who collectively highlight some of the most exciting and current work on the topic. Five concurrent sessions are held in parallel and attendees are encouraged to move between sessions to hear talks of interest. Concurrent sessions are held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons and are organized by the ISSCR Annual Meeting Program Committee.

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions are a staple of the ISSCR Annual Meeting and are the place for engaging, one-on-one discussions with researchers. Click the Poster Hall in the Virtual Meeting Lobby to access over 1,000 posters and view the schedule of poster presenters. Chat with poster presenters during their poster presentation time.  

Poster Session I: Thursday, 25 June: 14:00 – 16:00  

Poster Session II: Thursday, 25 June: 22:00 – 23:59 

Poster Session III: Friday, 26 June: 05:00 – 07:00 

Poster Session IV: Friday, 26 June: 14:00 – 16:00 

Poster Session V: Saturday, 27 June: 05:00 – 07:00 

Poster Session VI: Saturday, 27 June: 12:00 – 14:00 

Focus Sessions

Focus Sessions provide in-depth coverage of specific topics of interest and are presented by interested academic and industry groups. Held on Wednesday, these educational opportunities in science, society, and education are organized by members and open to all meeting attendees. View the Focus Sessions.

Science Advocacy & Communications Seminar

Scientists are often asked to explain their work to non-scientific audiences, making effective communication skills essential, particularly when translating complex concepts into lay-friendly language. Policy makers, the media, and the public have varying levels of scientific understanding, and researchers need to employ a variety of tactics to build support for evidence-based science, describe progress in the field, and highlight the impact of scientific discovery worldwide. Panelists in this seminar will talk about messages that resonate with policy makers, journalists, and the public, and how to share science with less technical audiences.

Innovation Showcases

Exhibitors feature new and updated products, services, tools, and technologies in Innovation Showcases, and demonstrate how they can be used in laboratory and other settings. Learn about how the latest product offerings can enhance your career in these 30 or 60-minute presentations.

Workshop on Clinical Translation

Join a stellar line-up of speakers for this year's Workshop on Clinical Translation, "Stem Cells: Model, Target, and Therapy." Explore the diverse ways that stem cells are advancing clinical trials – their roles in identifying new therapeutics, as the target of therapeutics in vivo, or as the therapeutic itself. Held the day before the ISSCR Annual Meeting, this program is designed for physicians, physician-scientists, and those interested in the latest clinical applications of stem cell research. Learn more about the program.

Location: Virtual
Date: 23 June, 2020
Time: TBD

Business of Discovery Workshop

Join us for a workshop on the business end of science addressing entrepreneurism and pathways from discovery to business venture. The program will focus on threshold questions, investment paths, and business models that new or aspiring entrepreneurs should consider. Learn more about the program.

Location: Virtual
Date: 23 June, 2020
Time: TBD
Sponsored By: ARMI | BioFabUSA
                        Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute

Additional registration required