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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Inviting new, curious, or aspiring entrepreneurs to join us for a one-day workshop on the business end of science. We explore the many paths from lab bench to market – where to start, or if you should start at all.

Investigational therapies, new tools, and promising technologies are quickly advancing in stem cell science and regenerative medicine. In step, more than 20 percent of ISSCR members surveyed indicate near-terms plans to start a business or an interest in doing so. In response to the changing dynamics of our field and the interests of our members, in 2020 the ISSCR is introducing new programming to address entrepreneurism and pathways from discovery to business venture. The program will address:

  • [Readiness] Is your science and technology ready for commercialization?
  • [Modeling] What is the right business and investment model to pursue?
  • [Pitching] What are the essential components of a strong business plan and pitch?
  • [Funding] What should I expect from investors and how does the money really work?

This full-day program will focus on threshold considerations in building a business model, attracting investment – and real stories from the people doing it.

Location: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Date: 23 June, 2020 
Time: 09:00-17:10

Price: $205 (trainee members), $225 (full/affiliate members), $245 (nonmembers). All prices in USD.

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Speakers & Topics

Starting a business in stem cell research and regenerative medicine comes with its own set of threshold questions, challenges, and considerations. Explore the elements of a successful pitch and business plan unique to this space.

Andrea Armstrong, BA, MA, Chief Administrative Officer, Celsius Therapeutics, USA
Mark Fishman, MD, Professor, Harvard University, USA | Chairman of the Board of Directors, Semma Therapeutics, USA
Christina Isacson, PhD, Chief Business Officer, Magenta Therapeutics, USA


Where to go, who to talk to, and what they’ll be looking for. Hear from a spectrum of investors from incubators to wall street.

Douglas Crawford, PhD, Managing Director, Mission Bay Capital | General Manager, MBC Biolabs, USA
Ann DeWitt, PhD, MBA, General Partner, The Engine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Ruth McKernan, PhD, Venture Partner, Dementia Discovery Fund, UK
Michal Preminger, PhD, MBA, Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation East North America, USA

Join entrepreneurs as they share their journeys from discovery to business. Hear their paths, approaches, and lessons-learned from experience.

Sangeeta Bhatia, MD, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA
Tina Liu, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, Ally Therapeutics, USA
Derrick Rossi, PhD, President & Chief Executive Officer, Convelo Therapeutics, USA

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for anyone interested in starting a business and moving discoveries from the bench to market.

How to Register

You may register for the Workshop only or in conjunction with the ISSCR 2020 Annual Meeting. If you have already registered for ISSCR 2020 you may modify your registration to add the Workshop. Registration will be offered onsite only if there is space available. Seating is limited, however, and registration will close early if all seats are sold. Register early to reserve your spot!


Until 08 May, 2020 
Please email a cancellation notice to: to request a refund of the Business of Discovery Workshop (minus a $50 USD cancellation fee).

After 08 May, 2020
No refunds will be granted.