Checklists for Before, During, & After the Meeting 

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Before Meeting

ISSCR recommends all invited plenary, concurrent, Innovation Showcase and Focus session speakers:

    192276-200Become an ISSCR member

    192276-200Register for ISSCR Annual Meeting

    • Registration fees are waived for plenary and concurrent invited speakers and will be indicated when you register. Additional workshops will incur a registration fee.

    192276-200Book your flight and hotel

    OnPeak, the official ISSCR 2020 Housing Bureau, encourages you to reserve accommodations at one of the preferred hotels to take advantage of exclusive hotel rates. Many invited speakers choose to stay at the headquarter hotel, the Westin Boston Waterfront, although a wide range of hotel rates is available. The deadline for booking through onPeak is Monday, 1 June, 2020. 

    OnPeak is the only official hotel provider associated with the ISSCR annual meeting. Please beware that other companies or individuals who contact you are NOT authorized hotel providers and entering into a financial agreement with non-endorsed companies can have costly consequences.

    192276-200Review and download Invited Speaker Information.

    192276-200Access the Speaker Presentation Portal to upload your photo, bio, and intended presentation format. Access link and credentials sent individually.

    192276-200Create your presentation in the 16:9 display format; it must fit within the appropriate time constraints

    • Include disclosures within the first two (2) slides of the presentation

    192276-200Practice your presentation to ensure it fits within the allotted time 

    192276-200Save your presentation file and include your name, date, room, and time of presentation (24hr time)

    192276-200Upload the presentation file to the Speaker Presentation Portal 

    • Link to upload available in late May

    192276-200Create a backup copy of your presentation and bring it with you in your carry-on luggage 

    Direct any speaker questions to Liz Weislogel

    192276-200Abide by the ISSCR Meeting Embargo Policy:

    Abstracts selected for poster or oral presentation are embargoed from the time of submission until the time of presentation. Abstract content may not be announced, publicized, or distributed before the presentation date and time in any way including blogging and tweeting. ISSCR does permit promotion of general topics, speakers, or presentation times.
    This embargo policy applies to all formats of abstract publication—including abstracts in electronic or print version of Annual Meeting Program Book and Poster Abstract Book, online via the Program Planner and Poster Abstract pdf, Society’s website(s), and other presentations.

    192276-200Review the Attendee Before Meeting Checklist

During Meeting

For all speakers:

192276-200Review the Attendee During Meeting Checklist

192276-200Four (4) hours in advance of your scheduled session, visit the Speaker Ready Room (Room 251, Level 2) to confirm your presentation uploaded properly.

  • Speaker Ready Room Hours:
    • Tuesday, 23 June           16:00 – 18:00 
    • Wednesday, 24 June      08:00 – 18:00   
    • Thursday, 25 June          07:30 – 18:30   
    • Friday, 26 June               07:30 – 18:30   
    • Saturday, 27 June           08:00 – 16:30

192276-200Arrive in your session room fifteen (15) minutes before the start of your session, checking in with the session chair and AV technician.

If you are a plenary speaker:

192276-200Visit the Plenary Hall for a short rehearsal and brief orientation of the stage setup:

  • Tuesday, 23 June            16:00 – 18:00
  • Wednesday, 24 June       10:00 – 12:00   
  • Thursday, 25 June            07:30 – 08:30  
  • Friday, 26 June                 07:30 – 08:30  
  • Saturday, 27 June            11:00 – 12:00   

After Meeting

For all speakers:

192276-200Review the Attendee After Meeting Guide

192276-200Add your presentation to your CV, LinkedIn profile, and ResearchGate page

192276-200Consider submitting your research for publication in the ISSCR's open access journal, Stem Cell Reports

If you were a plenary or concurrent session invited speaker:

192276-200Review your invitation letter for specific travel reimbursement information

192276-200Receipts for travel should be submitted to the ISSCR by 15 August, 2020 to receive reimbursement up to the specific amount noted in your invitation letter

  • The ISSCR will only reimburse those who attended the meeting
  • The ISSCR will not reimburse for changes, cancellations, upgrades, or other extraneous fees and charges