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Opportunities to connect with the ISSCR community through live conversation, discover new career paths, and develop professionally. These sessions are held in multiple formats.
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The Job Match opportunity connects academic and industry employers with scientists looking for their next position.  Annual meeting attendees can opt-in to Job Match at any time, at no additional fee. Browse the online Job Match Directory for job match profiles that meet your interests. Employers can view details of potential candidates and view CVs and poster information. Job seekers can view open position details. Then contact your favorites via email before ISSCR 202 Virtual and/or connect virtually during the live meeting at a poster presentation or via direct messaging. See more about Job Match.

Job Match is designed for any attendee seeking a new position and for academics and industry employers looking to hire scientists for their labs/companies.

Early Career Group Leader Panel

Early Career Lunch

Re-Defining the Success of Your Lab in Changing Times: Productivity, Motivation and Enrichment
Wednesday, 24 June  18:00 - 19:30 EDT
Even prior to lab shutdowns, you might have often been awake at night feeling anxious about the success of your trainees and your projects. With bench  research and much of science at a standstill, how can PIs regain perspective and purpose to re-define a thriving lab? This event is organized for early career PIs to learn tools and tips from more senior ISSCR scientists about how to get the most out of your lab. We will address topics such as setting up a strong lab culture from the beginning, enriching the lab experience to make your team the most productive, and recruiting the best people to improve motivation and promote strong research. Additionally, this event is meant to foster conversation about how to support, motivate, and train lab members under these exceptional circumstances. Come join us to learn, share, and discuss different recipes for a successful lab.
This session is designed for early-career research group leaders (principal investigators or junior faculty for 8 or fewer years), but all attendees are welcome.

Junior Investigator Career Panel

Career Panel

Finding Your Fit: Defining Goals and Taking Action to Achieve Long-term Success
Saturday, 27 June  10:00 - 11:30 a.m. EDT
Despite how it can sometimes appear, the path to a satisfying career is rarely straightforward. Are you currently asking yourself “How do I decide on a career path?” If so, join us for an in-depth panel discussion about how individual definitions for success and failure can help you identify your goals, adjust to setbacks, determine when it’s time to make a change, and what steps to take now to achieve your long-term goals. This casual event hosted by the Junior Investigator Committee is intended to foster frank conversation about how to assess career decisions early on.
This session is designed for ISSCR trainee members, but any member is welcome to attend.

Discussion Forums

ISSCR 2020 Virtual provides opportunities for scientists in all stages of their careers to exchange insightful and relevant advice that helps advance their research and career. Three forums offer distinct chat rooms for unique conversations. 

Discussion Forums
Chat 2-01


Five chat rooms will house conversations on a variety of topics.  Attendees are encouraged to join these chats to continue conversations started in the scientific sessions. Bring your questions and comments about the research you have seen presented, discuss your own research, consider new collaborations, reach out to new people and find old friends. This is your space to connect with your stem cell science peers.

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Junior Investigators are invited to join a hosted chat on a variety of topics during the meeting, or drop in any time to join an open chat to connect socially, to collaborate scientifically, or to just relax and browse the conversations between sessions.

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Meet and interact with attendees who share a common interest. Scheduled chats include:

Computational Stem Cell Biology
Computational biology is an emerging specialty within the Stem Cell Sciences. Computational stem cell biology invents and applies mathematical approaches to classifying stem cells, predicting cell behavior, and designing reprogramming strategies or even new cell types. This forum is an opportunity to meet others working in the field, discuss opportunities and challenges for computational stem cell sciences, and highlight resources and standards that we want to work to as a discipline.

Meet the Editors of Stem Cell Reports
Do you have a paper nearly ready for submission? Are you looking to find more information about the ISSCR’s official journal, Stem Cell Reports? Meet the editors to discuss your work, our recently published issues, and any topics of interest around open-access, scientific publishing.

Industry Scientists Networking
The ISSCR Industry Committee invites interested attendees to join them to exchange and discuss various industry-related topics, including new developments, collaborations and potential career paths.

Policy, Ethics, and Regulatory Issues

Are policy, ethics, or regulatory issues impacting your research? Join us to discuss these issues with ISSCR leaders and find out about the ISSCR’s advocacy program. 

German Stem Cell Network
The German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) invites German scientists to join them to get information on what is new in the GSCN and discuss your needs and wishes.

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