Stem Cells in Space


Scientists have been studying the impact of space travel, and the exposure to microgravity and space radiation, on cellular and systems physiology for decades. It has long been known that the lack of gravity has degenerative effects on multiple systems including the musculo-skeletal and hematopoietic systems as well as impacting the nervous system and cellular physiology in general. Thus, the recent study of stem cells in microgravity has “taken off” to help understand these effects, how they may be counteracted, what role stem cells play, and potential terrestrial applications of the results. These series of programs will take a closer look at the study of stem and progenitor cells in space across different systems to understand the latest research and its impact. 

This event will take place on 9, 17, 23 November and 1 December 2021. Companies interested in sponsoring an ISSCR Digital program, can reach out to ISSCR Industry Relations at