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Nissim Benvenisty, MD, PhD
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Robert Blelloch, MD, PhD
University of California, San Francisco, USA

Daniel Marshak, PhD
Consulting & Advisory, USA

Melissa Carpenter, PhD
ElevateBio, USA

Assem Ziady, PhD
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, USA

John Tisdale, MD

Shen Shen, PhD
Vertex Pharmaceuticals, USA

Gerhard Bauer, Professor
University of California, School of Medicine, USA

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Poster Presenter's Corner  

We look forward to your upcoming poster presentation at the ISSCR Madison 2022 International Symposium.

All poster presenters must create a Physical Poster, that will be presented in person, and upload a Digital One-Page Poster PNG, which will be shown on the virtual meeting platform.  

Poster presenters may also submit two additional files to communicate the highlights of their research and encourage attendees to view their poster and visit them during their poster session, a Custom Poster Preview and a Video Teaser.

Physical Posters:

Use these instructions and guidelines for creating a poster that visually presents your research or clinical project. Presenting a physical poster is required.

  • Use images, charts, diagrams, etc., with limited text to attract attention
  • Posters must fit in a one (1) meter by one (1) meter space. Pins will be provided onsite to attach your posters to the poster boards.

The ISSCR recommends:

  • Use 36-point type for section headings and 24-point type for text
  • Print a single sheet (size A1 in landscape orientation) for easy transportation

Structure your poster similarly to a research paper or journal article. The ISSCR recommends:

  • Brief sections: introduction (rationale or review of relevant research), methods, results, conclusion/summary, and key references list
  • Optional: Add a photo of the presenting author to help attendees identify you

You must make your own arrangements if printing your poster in Madison. ISSCR does not handle poster printing.

Due to fire regulations, no tables, chairs, or electrical hook-ups will be allowed near the posters.

Virtual Posters:

You will be emailed login credentials to submit your materials through our abstract submission portal (CadmiumCD).

Additional information on virtual posters can be found at the bottom of this page.

Mandatory file:

  • Digital One-Page Poster (PNG, maximum size 10 MB): Use your poster to introduce viewers to your research question and share your experimental highlights and conclusions.

Optional files:

  • Custom Poster Preview (PDF, 800 x 400 px): Upload a custom poster preview that includes a graphical abstract or attention-grabbing image or figure. Indicate the take home message of your poster to draw people in to view the full story.

If a Custom Poster Preview is not uploaded, the system will shrink your Traditional One-Page Poster PNG to fit the needed dimensions, which may result in the sides, top, or bottom being cut off.

  • Video Poster Teaser (hosted MP4 file, max five minute video)Create a slide presentation with guided audio tour to communicate the highlights of your poster and generate excitement to view your full poster and visit your Poster Session. This MP4 file will need to be hosted on an approved site so that you can upload a URL.

NOTE: We encourage our presenters to share unpublished material. The ISSCR strictly prohibits the recording (photography, screen capture, audio, or video), copying or downloading of scientific results from the sessions, presentations, and posters at the 2022 Madison International Symposium. View our meeting policies here.

Additional Information on Virtual Posters

Present a Digital One-Page Poster

You must submit a digital one-page poster. See this example for instructions and tips to keep in mind when designing your poster. Viewers will be able to zoom in on and pan around your poster. The optimum ratio for your poster is 16:9. We recommend that your poster is at least 150 dpi. You must save your complete one-page poster as a PNG. Your poster may be up to 10 MB in size. Save your file as "Poster #_LastName" (i.e. 123_Kowalczyk).

If you are designing your poster in PowerPoint we suggest editing the size of the slide (under custom slide size) so that it is the size of a large format poster (for example 36 inches by 48 inches), and then saving it as a .PNG file.

Mock poster page

Optional Custom Poster Preview

A graphic preview of your poster will be located at top of your poster page. This is separate from the full poster and is not intended for reading full poster content. Default Poster Preview: The system will shrink the poster PNG to fit. Information at sides top or bottom may be cut.

We recommend creating a Custom Poster Preview to entice viewers to view your full poster. This 800 x 400 pixel PDF can include a graphical abstract or visually appealing image or figure to draw in attendees to learn more. See the example in the blue box below. To change the size of the slide in PowerPoint, go to Design > Slide Size > Custom Size and enter: width 800 px, height 400 px. Then save the slide as a .PDF file, named "Poster #_LastName" (i.e. 123_Kowalczyk).

Optional Video Poster Teaser

You have the option of creating a short slide presentation with an audio recording to walk viewers through the highlights of your poster (maximum five minute video). You will need to record a video, save it as an MP4 file, upload it to an approved hosting site, and upload the URL to the poster submission portal. 

To view instructions, tips, and further resources for the Video Poster Teaser, please reference this guide.

poster preview juno overlay
video teaser juno ex2

Audio Presentation Tips

What To Do:

  • Succinctly describe your main question, most important findings, and conclusions.
  • Emphasize or enhance important aspects of your poster.
  • Give your viewer additional context or important insight that they might not be able to gather from reading your poster on their own.
  • We recommend jotting down the key points you want to cover and to use these notes while recording. 

What NOT To Do:

  • Do not restate your abstract or other aspects of your poster that the viewer will be able to read on their own.
  • Do not attempt to give a complete poster walk-through in five minutes. Attendees who want to know more will be able to visit you during your poster session or set up a 1:1 meeting.
  • Do not talk about specific details of your poster without orienting the viewer.
  • The ISSCR is a broad audience. Do not assume that all of your poster visitors will be experts in your field

Questions? Contact ISSCR Staff at