Nissim Benvenisty, MD, PhD
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Robert Blelloch, MD, PhD
University of California, San Francisco, USA

Daniel Marshak, PhD
Consulting & Advisory, USA

Melissa Carpenter, PhD
ElevateBIO & The Carpenter Group, USA

Assem Ziady, PhD
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, USA

John Tisdale, MD

Shen Shen, PhD
Biogen, USA

Gerhard Bauer, Professor
University of California, School of Medicine, USA



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Gold Sponsors

Mission Bio Logo 400x200

Mission Bio unlocks the ground truth of cancer through response, relapse, and remission with its Tapestri Platform, powered by single-cell multi-omics. As the first and only to analyze genotype and phenotype simultaneously in single cells, the Tapestri Platform can help unravel the inherent complexity of cancer. Discover how Tapestri enables accurate characterization of your cell and gene therapy candidates for safer and more effective therapeutic strategies. We partner with pharma and biopharma companies across advanced therapy development programs to implement proven single-cell multi-omics capabilities into discovery, translational, and clinical research efforts. Learn more about our Pharma Assay Development services.

Silver Sponsors

Maxwell 400x200
MaxWell Biosystems develops and markets high-content electrophysiology platforms. The MaxOne (single-well) and MaxTwo (multi-well) high-density microelectrode array (HD-MEA) systems allow label-free recording and stimulation of every active cell on a dish at unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution, facilitating the detailed investigation of cells. The powerful MaxLab Live all-in-one software enables live visualization, recording, and analysis of extracellular HD-MEA signals from different biological preparations such as iPSC-derived neurons, organoids, retina, or brain slices. MaxWell Biosystems’ solutions will advance scientific breakthroughs and accelerate drug discovery. Every cell has a story to tell. MaxWell Biosystems aims to equip everyone with tools to easily observe, track, and discover cells functionality, health, maturity, and response to compounds. 

Bronze Sponsors

As a global life sciences company, Abcam identifies, develops, and distributes high-quality biological reagents and tools that are crucial to research, drug discovery and diagnostics. Working across the industry, the Company supports life scientists to achieve their mission, faster.
BioLamina AB has a legacy in matrix biology and cell culture-based research. Our human recombinant laminin isoforms, Biolaminin®, are defined matrices that successfully imitate the natural, cell-specific cell-matrix interactions in vitro. From basic research to cell therapy applications, our products are powerful resources enabling stem cell and primary cell culturing. 400x200 is an award-winning human synthetic biology enterprise based in Cambridge, UK.'s mission is to code cells for health. Our breakthrough opti-ox technology platform is capable of producing consistent batches of every human cell. The technology directly reprograms stem cells into other human cell types with consistency at scale. Having access to human cells has the potential to unlock a new generation of medicine: it will enable research and drug discovery to move on from inappropriate models and work with the cells that actually are affected by human disease and form the basis for a new generation of cell and tissue therapies. 
Halo Labs Logo 400x200
Halo Labs knows aggregates and particles. The Aura can count and characterize subvisible particles and tell you if they are aggregated drug product, excipients, or external contaminants. A simple, plate-based approach enables low-volume, high-throughput, fully automated particle imaging and analysis at any stage from developability assessment through quality control.
MaxCyte Logo 400x200
MaxCyte® is a leading provider of cell-engineering platform technologies and is responsible for helping to bring next‐generation cell-based therapies to life. The Company's technology is employed by leading drug developers worldwide, including 20 of the top 25 global biopharmaceutical companies. Our Flow Electroporation® technology and next-generation ExPERTTM platform enable our partners to accelerate, streamline, and improve the drug development process from the early stages of research to commercialization. Founded in 1998, MaxCyte is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, U.S.
Synthego is a genome engineering company that enables the acceleration of life science research and development in the pursuit of improved human health. The company leverages machine learning, automation, and gene editing to build platforms for science at scale. With its foundations in engineering disciplines, the company’s platforms vertically integrate proprietary hardware, software, bioinformatics, chemistries, and molecular biology to advance both basic research and therapeutic development programs. With its technologies cited in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and utilized by thousands of commercial and academic researchers and therapeutic drug developers, Synthego is at the forefront of innovation enabling the next generation of medicines by delivering genome editing at an unprecedented scale.
STEMCELL Technologies 400x200
At STEMCELL, science is our foundation. Driven by our mission to advance research globally, we offer over 2,500 tools and services supporting discoveries in stem cell research, regenerative medicine, immunotherapy and disease research. By providing access to innovative techniques like gene editing and organoid cultures, we’re helping scientists accelerate the pace of discovery. Inspired by knowledge, innovation and quality, we are Scientists Helping Scientists.