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Speaker Guidelines

We look forward to your presentation at an upcoming ISSCR Digital Event! To provide the best experience possible, we have provided this set of guidelines to help you prepare your presentation and know what to expect during your presentation time.

Direct any speaker questions to your event liaison or

Upcoming Programs

Before Meeting

Presenter Portal

A link to the Presenters Portal has been sent to speakers and moderators. Use the Presenters Portal to upload files and complete speaker specific tasks. Contact your session liaison or ISSCR Digital if you have not received a link to this portal.

Create Your Presentation

When creating your presentation, please keep in mind the following:

  • Create slides in 16:9 format. You may use any file type, such as Keynote, PowerPoint, or PDF, however, please note the file copy provided to ISSCR must be in PowerPoint.
  • Include your title slide as slide 1, include a listing of any disclosures as slide 2.
  • You will be sharing your screen and advancing your own slides. Slide animations and videos may be employed, and you may use your cursor as a pointer.
  • Practice your presentation to ensure you adhere to the assigned talk length and have a smooth presentation.
  • Upload a backup of your presentation in the Presenter Portal in case you have technical difficulties and ISSCR staff need to run your presentation.  

Meeting Platform

  • Logging In

    You will receive an email with login information to the Juno platform, two weeks before your webinar. Your calendar invite will be updated with your session-specific link. To login to the meeting platform, please use your ISSCR credentials that you used to register and/or renew your membership. It is important to log into the Juno platform BEFORE your session date so the system will recognize you on your session date. 

  • Technical Check

    To check your internet connection please click on this link. It is best to test your internet connection on the SAME computer, camera, and microphone you plan to use on your presentation day.  

  • Speaker/Presenter Training

    We want you to understand and be comfortable with the Juno system and ask that you attend a short 30 minute training. Sign up for trainings in the Presenter Portal or contact ISSCR Digital 

  • To prepare for your session, download the full Speaker Frequently Asked Question Guide and the Speaker Cheat Sheet, to have on hand when you present.
  • Watch a recording of a Speaker Training to learn how to enter your session and how to share your presentation.
  • Enter the Demo Room via the link you received by email to practice these skills and make sure that you feel comfortable using the controls and sharing your presentation.
  • For additional technical help refer to the Juno Technical Support guide.
  • If you have technical issues after reviewing the training materials, contact ISSCR Digital 

Presentation Day

  • Use Google Chrome to access the meeting platform.
  • Log onto the meeting platform at the time communicated to you by your ISSCR session liaison (30 minutes in advance of the beginning of your session).
  • Make sure you are in a quiet setting and have a dedicated computer.
  • Use the same computer, camera, and microphone and/or headset you used during your technical check.
  • Use a hardwired Internet connection, if possible.
  • Close all internet data-consuming applications such as e-mail, Slack, or any web pages actively consuming network bandwidth. If you are using a shared home internet connection, please limit others from heavy bandwidth usage such as Netflix, YouTube, or any large downloads.
  • Make sure any other programs using your microphone or camera are closed and any notifications are silenced.