2-day online workshop course: python for life scientists


Already successfully taught to researchers at Harvard Medical School and MIT, this workshop-based course Python For Life Scientists, is now available as an intensive, 2-day course that students take over the web. No travel is required - students work from their own location and all that is needed to take the course, is a computer with a decent internet connection.
Based upon our the book Python for the Life Sciences, we created this course specifically for biologists with little or no prior experience writing code. At most colleges unfortunately, courses in coding and basic computer science are still not a part of the core curriculum for the life sciences, yet biologists are increasingly discovering the need to move beyond calculators and spreadsheets in order to handle their data and the more quantitative aspects of their own research. Our aim on this course, is to provide the life scientist with a foundation in Python sufficient for them to be able to start using it in their own research. Just as it's quicker and easier to learn to drive by actually driving rather than being a passenger, so this course emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning. There is some component of traditional classroom learning, but much of this course is composed of coding exercises and workshops. The best way to learn Python is to take the wheel yourself! We therefore encourage every student to participate fully in the coding exercises and workshops, since this will solidify their foundation in Python in a way that classroom learning alone, cannot.


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Science Communications & Education Manager