CRISPR: Design, Strategy & Analysis

Cambridge, UK


CRISPR, game-changing technology:

This CRISPR Course teaches you the game-changing CRISPR/Cas technology.

In the coming years, CRISPR is expected to become a standard technique in the biology toolbox and to have a great impact in the clinic. Although, the technology has been praised for its ease and speed of implementation, the CRISPR/Cas tool requires careful planning which will be covered in this CRISPR Course.


On this popular course, you will acquire a knowledge of its underlying molecular mechanisms, as well as a good understanding of the gene(s) and genome(s) of interest. Additionally, and very importantly, you will be introduced to the bioinformatics tools that are necessary when designing CRISPR/Cas systems.


Furthermore, our CRISPR Design & Strategy Course has received 96% positive feedback from participants over the past 5 years when asked the question: “Are you confident to apply this technology by yourself in your lab after this CRISPR Course?”.


On this CRISPR Course, you will:

1. First, learn the theory underlying the CRISPR/Cas system in lectures delivered by world-class experts


2. Secondly, apply and practise the theory of guide-RNA design in the bioinformatics sessions (bring your laptop)


3. Importantly, experience the implementation of a short CRISPR protocol hands-on in the lab

4. Finally, troubleshoot your personal project with a team of experts (don’t leave any question unanswered)


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Science Communications & Education Manager