Neural Reprogramming and Organoid Modeling

Venice, Italy

Director: Malin Parmar

Lund University, Sweden


Anders Bjorklund, Lund University, Sweden (Co-Director)

Rusty Gage, The Salk Institute, La Jolla, USA

Karl Deisseroth, Stanford University, USA

Jürgen Knoblich, Austrian Academy of Science, Vienna, Austria

Silvia Capello, Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich, Germany

Marius Wernig, Stanford University, USA

Malin Parmar, Lund University, Sweden

Cellular reprogramming is a new and rapidly emerging field where somatic cells can be turned into pluripotent stem cells or other somatic cell types including neurons. This, combined with the ability to culture cells in three-dimensional in vitro culture systems (organoids) that recapitulate the developmental processes and organization of the developing human brain has given researchers unprecedented opportunities to address fundamental questions related to neural development, stem cell differentiation, brain dysfunction, brain repair and circuitry reconstruction. This Advanced Course will provide an overview of major recent development in this field, with a focus on new experimental tools that have entered the scene in recent years. The Faculty include  international leaders in the study of brain organoids, genetic engineering for cellular programming and reprogramming and their use for disease modelling and brain repair, as well as molecular tools for the study of brain circuitry establishment and function.


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