Cancer, Multicellularity, and Complex Systems

Lund, Sweden

Symposium: ‘Cancer, multicellularity, and complex systems

  The event opens with a keynote by Joel Brown on the ‘Necessity and opportunity for new views on cancer’ followed by a panel discussion on the costs and risks with transdisciplinary science. The discussion will be led by a journalist known for handling complex topics – Lars Mogensen who also produces the radio show Filosofiska rummet. The panel is comprised of Itai Yanai (e.g., Night and Day Science), Walter Veit (philosopher), Nina Burton (poet) and Bron Szerzynski (sociologist). This will take place in Lund, Sweden from 15:00, on 05 September, 2022, where all members of the public are welcome in addition to registered participants.

Then follows two days of discussions with researchers from a variety of scientific fields. Here participants will have the chance to see and meet great speakers like Will Ratcliffe (yeast multicellularity), Thibault Brunet (choanos), Ala Trusina (cell polarity), Susan Rosenberg (stress induced mutations), and Bob Austin (robot multicellularity). This will take place at the Grand Hotel in Lund, Sweden from 06-07 September. More details are available at the registration site. Registration is open until 2 August 2022.


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