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When you join the ISSCR, you become part of the largest and most renowned stem cell and regenerative medicine community in the world.

Affiliate members are individual representatives of industry and others with an interest in stem cell research who do not qualify under Full or Trainee Member requirements.



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Membership Benefits

Your membership in the ISSCR supports ongoing efforts to advance the field of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. As an involved affiliate member, you receive discounts to events and activities, resources that keep you up-to-date with field-wide news and trends, and access to online tools to learn more about stem cell science and its translation to the clinic. 


Annual Meeting

By attending the annual meeting, affiliate members support the world's largest global forum for stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Workshops, presentations, and events help you discover the latest news and emerging science, and provide opportunities to meet researchers from around the world who are advancing the field.



Your membership connects you to others around the world who support stem cell science and its potential to treat disease and injury. Whether stem cell researchers, clinicians, academics, or other affiliate members, all share a common interest in this exciting, cutting-edge science.



The ISSCR's open-access journal, Stem Cell Reports provides you with monthly updates about the latest scientific breakthroughs in this evolving field. You'll also receive discounts on subscriptions to affiliated journals, Cell Stem Cell and Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology.


Professional Resources

To enhance your stem cell knowledge, online videos that explore scientific and career topics are available to you as an affiliate member. Learn more about tools and technologies, explore opportunities in the field, and visit our job board for information about open positions around the world.


International Symposia

In cities around the world, the ISSCR partners with local organizations to present international symposia that focus on specific, targeted areas in stem cell research. These smaller gatherings provide enhanced opportunities to meet researchers and others practicing in specific areas of the stem cell and regenerative medicine fields. Recent meetings have been held in China, Japan, and Europe.


Membership Application Requirements

1. Tell Us About Your Work
2. Endorsement
3. Upload Your CV

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