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When you join the ISSCR, you become part of the largest and most renowned stem cell and regenerative medicine community in the world.

A Full member is any person with a doctoral degree or its equivalent who has manifested a continuous interest in any discipline important to stem cell research as evidenced by work in the field, original contributions, and attendance at meetings concerning stem cell research. Individuals who lack a doctorate but have exceptional qualifications are also eligible.



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As an ISSCR member, you are part of a larger scientific community that represents the voice of the profession. Membership brings you opportunities to participate in meetings and forums that advance the field, gives you access to cutting-edge science and field-wide news, provides resources to enhance your professional career, and more. Your involvement is key to supporting stem cell research and ISSCR's advocacy efforts worldwide to advance robust scientific and ethical principles outlined in the Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation. 


Annual Meeting

The world's largest venue for sharing stem cell science and its translation to the clinic, the ISSCR annual meeting allows you to share your science, discover the latest trends, tools and techniques, and establish connections that can last throughout your career. Take advantage of discounted registration as an ISSCR member.



Your membership connects you to stem cell scientists, clinicians, academics, and industry leaders around the world who are advancing stem cell science and regenerative medicine. With more than 4,000 members from over 60 countries, the ISSCR is the largest cross-disciplinary science-based organization dedicated to stem cell research. Meet and collaborate with colleagues and leaders at in-person meetings, and through ISSCR's online resources.



ISSCR's open-access journal Stem Cell Reports features cutting-edge science, along with articles and commentaries about important issues facing the field. As a member you receive discounts on submissions, as well as special subscription discounts for our affiliated journals, Cell Stem Cell and Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology.


Professional Resources

As an ISSCR member you receive access to online science and career-focused resources such as videos and webinars, clinical materials, a job board to help you find and post opportunities, and more. You also benefit from ISSCR's advocacy efforts worldwide to promote scientific and ethical integrity, including through the Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation.


International Symposia

In cities around the world, the ISSCR hosts scientific meetings focused on specific, targeted areas of stem cell research and regenerative medicine, allowing small groups to interact in more depth. In recent years, these international symposia have been held in China, Germany, and Singapore, with topics including organoids and disease modelling, genome editing, pluripotency, and more.

Application Requirements

Membership Application Requirements

1. Tell Us About Your Work
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3. Upload Your CV

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