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When you join the ISSCR, you become part of the largest and most renowned stem cell and regenerative medicine community in the world.

Trainees are postdoctoral and/or medical research fellows, graduate students and undergraduate or medical students in stem cell research programs.



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As a trainee member, you have access to activities and events that can help you develop and grow your career in stem cell science. Take advantage of in-person opportunities at the ISSCR annual meeting, the largest gathering of stem cell researchers in the world, engage with online professional and career resources that keep you current on science, and keep up-to-date on emerging issues and trends in the field. 



Connect with international leaders and peers engaged in stem cell research and its translation to medicine. As an ISSCR member, you are among 4,000+ scientists, academics, clinicians, and industry professionals from over 60 countries dedicated to advancing stem cell science and regenerative medicine. Your trainee membership provides access to opportunities to learn, share information, and network across the breadth of this exciting, evolving field.


Annual Meeting

Enjoy a host of in-person networking opportunities designed for Trainee members, including a Meet the Experts Luncheon, Job Match, and social gatherings. The annual meeting is an unparalleled venue for sharing great stem cell science, exploring new technologies and techniques across the breadth of research, hearing from top leaders in the field, and networking with peers. Take advantage of discounted registration as an ISSCR member.


Career Resources

The ISSCR offers a number of resources to help you develop and grow your stem cell science career. In addition to networking and publishing opportunities, you can access key information about a variety of career paths, peruse a job board with postings from around the world, and access an updated list of available funding sources.



Explore cutting-edge stem cell research each month with your subscription to the ISSCR's open-access journal, Stem Cell Reports. Your membership also gives you special discounts to subscribe to Cell Stem Cell and Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology.


Professional Resources

The ISSCR's Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation underscore our role as the voice of the profession around the world, including in policy discussions and outreach to the public through A Closer Look at Stem Cells. As a member, you receive regular updates on issues facing the field in newsletters, social media, and Stem Cell Reports. You also have access to science-focused videos covering issues in basic and translational research. In coming months you will see materials designed specifically for clinicians.


International Symposia

Smaller, more narrowly defined topics are the focus of the ISSCR's International Symposia, giving researchers the opportunity to delve deeper into specific areas of interest. Recent meetings have been held in Dresden, Basel, Kyoto, and Singapore, and focus on issues such as neural stem cell research, new techniques in gene editing, cell-based therapies, and more. Held in cities around the world, the ISSCR's International Symposia bring developments in stem cell science closer to home and promote interactions around specific, targeted areas of research.

Application Requirements

Trainee Membership Application Requirements

1. Tell Us About Your Work
2. Certification of Eligibility
3. Upload Your CV

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