Celebrating Stem Cell Awareness Day, 11 October, 2017

  • 10 October, 2017

Each year, Stem Cell Awareness Day is an opportunity to reflect on the scientific advances and discoveries that are rapidly moving the field forward, with implications for the future of regenerative medicine and human health.

Stem cells are an integral component of the development of every tissue in our body, and are key to tissue repair and regeneration. Adult stem cells have been studied for more than a  half a century while pluripotent stem cells are a more recent pursuit; research on both types of stem cells has, provided insights into fundamental biological processes and human development and disease that have led to major breakthroughs in understanding the human condition. In recent years, new technologies have accelerated the pace of stem cell research and its clinical application, with significant studies that are moving scientific research to the clinic.

On this day, the ISSCR joins the worldwide effort to highlight stem cell science, and to celebrate its potential for the development of cures to treat the millions of people suffering from disease and injury.

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