ISSCR Remembers Hiromitsu “Hiro” Ogawa

  • 4 January, 2018

The ISSCR is saddened by the passing of Hiromitsu “Hiro” Ogawa, a generous and thoughtful man who was a great supporter of stem cell science and the ISSCR.

Ogawa and his wife Betty were very involved in the civic and cultural life of northern California, where he founded CAI International, a global transportation finance and logistics company, in 1989. Ogawa’s longstanding friendship with Nobel Prize winner Shinya Yamanaka, a former ISSCR president, spurred his interest in stem cell science.

“Hiro and Betty chaired the ISSCR Global Advisory Council, and they traveled to many of our meetings, enthusiastically supporting the research,” said ISSCR CEO Nancy Witty. “Hiro was truly a friend and a wonderful advocate for science,” she said. “He also had a vision of a close relationship between academia, industry, and the investment communities, which we plan to continue,” she said. 

The Ogawas made a generous contribution to the ISSCR during Yamanaka’s presidency, which is allowing the ISSCR to expand and enhance its public communications and outreach efforts.

Ogawa’s obituary can be found on SF Gate.