ISSCR Announces New Editor-in-chief for Stem Cell Reports Journal

  • 20 June, 2018

The ISSCR has appointed Martin F. Pera, professor at the Jackson Laboratory, U.S., as the next editor-in-chief of Stem Cell Reports, the organization’s open-access journal. Pera will succeed Christine Mummery, professor at the Leiden University Medical Centre, NL, who led the journal since its launch in 2013. Pera will assume the post in January, 2019. The announcement was made during the ISSCR annual meeting taking place in Melbourne, Australia.

“We are thrilled that Martin will be the next editor of the ISSCR journal, following on the excellent vision and leadership of Christine, who set a solid foundation for the future,” said ISSCR president Hans Clevers. “Martin’s extensive background in stem cell science, and in editorial and reviewing roles with other scientific journals, makes him an excellent choice for this position,” he said.

Over its five-year history, Stem Cell Reports has become an important source for science across the breadth of stem cell research and its applications to human health. Its initial publishing focus has been on conceptual and practical advances with a focus on shorter, single-point articles, including policy papers. In assuming the editor-in-chief role, Pera will have flexibility in applying his vision to the next phase of the journal.

“Christine has established a terrific reputation for the journal, in providing high quality and original research across a wide spectrum of the field, along with quality, clarity, and fairness in the review process,” said Pera. “My goal is to retain and grow in those areas, and also enhance the journal’s citation metric to make it even more competitive within the field of stem cell journals,” he said. Pera also plans to expand publication of perspective articles on science matters including policy and ethics and reaching out to include early and mid-career researchers and clinician scientists as potential authors and reviewers.  

Pera’s work at the Jackson Laboratory focuses on the regulation of pluripotency and the genetic basis of individual differences in the response of the central nervous system to injury. Pera was one of a handful of researchers who pioneered the isolation and characterization of pluripotent stem cells from human germ cell tumors - studies that provided a framework for the development of human embryonic stem cells. His work on neural differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells led to the development of a new treatment for macular degeneration, a common form of blindness, which is now in clinical trial in Israel. He is active in providing advice to policy makers and regulators on issues involving stem cell science and communicating with the public on this research and its implications for human health.

“In addition to making important contributions to the field throughout his career, Martin has also been an engaged member and leader within the ISSCR,” said ISSCR CEO Nancy Witty. “His recent service on the board, as Clerk, and as chair of the Strategic Oversight Committee, has been invaluable in providing insight and guidance to the organization,” she said. “We’re pleased that he will become the next leader of the journal, bringing not only strong scientific and publishing experience, but also administrative and strategic experience that will serve the journal well,” she said. “Martin is an excellent choice for this role, and we look forward to the next phase of the ISSCR’s flagship publication under his leadership,” she said.

About Stem Cell Reports

Stem Cell Reports is an open-access journal communicating basic discoveries in stem cell research, in addition to translational and clinical studies. Published for the International Society for Stem Cell Research by Cell Press, Stem Cell Reports focuses on shorter, single-point manuscripts that report original research with conceptual or practical advances of broad interest to stem cell biologists and clinicians.