ISSCR Education Committee Call for Resources

  • 4 October, 2019

The ISSCR Education Committee is compiling educational resources on stem cell science and its applications to support the teaching needs of our constituents. The committee is preparing a syllabus and roadmap to teach a course on Stem Cell Biology for undergraduates, graduate, or medical students. This roadmap will outline the core concepts that should be taught, supported by examples and primary literature. These resources can be adapted for both introductory and advanced courses on stem cell biology as needed.

To help the Education Committee create the course syllabus, we are asking you for examples of your syllabi on courses related to stem cell biology, translational medicine, and clinical applications. These will help us learn what is currently being taught and further understand the needs of our community.

Please email Julie Perlin, Science Communications and Education Manager, at to share your syllabus, tell us about your needs as an educator, or ask any questions.

Esteban Mazzoni, PhD
New York University, USA
Chair of the Education Committee