ISSCR Announces 2020 Award Winners

  • 14 January, 2020
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Stem cell scientists and leaders earn 2020 ISSCR Awards for their significant contributions to the field of stem cell research. Honorees will be recognized at the ISSCR 2020 Annual Meeting 24-27 June, in Boston, USA.

ISSCR Achievement Award: Fred H. Gage, PhD, Salk Institute for Biological Studies,USA

ISSCR Momentum Award: Mitinori Saitou, MD, PhD, Kyoto University, Graduate School of Medicine, Japan

ISSCR Dr. Susan Lim Award for Outstanding Young Investigator: Allon Klein, PhD, Harvard Medical School, USA

ISSCR Tobias Award Lecture: Margaret A. Goodell, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine,USA

ISSCR Public Service Award: Susan L. Solomon, JD, New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF), USA

Award-winner biographies and photos are available upon request, as are interviews with ISSCR President Deepak Srivastava.