• 10 September, 2018
  • The ISSCR has always had strong female leaders, and many of them are featured in the September and October editions of Stem Cell Reports.
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  • 6 September, 2018
  • Many of us find time in the summer to reflect on work and recharge our batteries. Vacations, visits with friends, and time with family all help get away from everyday concerns in the lab and gain some perspective to inform the scientific path for the year ahead.
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  • 23 August, 2018
  • The ISSCR is soliciting nominations to honor exceptional and innovative research and support for young scientists, through its extensive awards program. It also invites members to nominate candidates to serve on the ISSCR board of directors.
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  • 2018 ISSCR Annual Meeting Wrap-up

  • 17 July, 2018
  • The ISSCR 2018 Annual Meeting went “down under” to Melbourne, Australia where 3,000 stem cell scientists, clinicians, and professionals from 52 countries gathered to share their latest research, network with colleagues, and explore the latest technologies driving the field forward.
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  • Douglas A. Melton Becomes President of the ISSCR

  • 22 June, 2018
  • The ISSCR is pleased to announce Douglas A. Melton, PhD, Harvard University, as the incoming president of the ISSCR and its board of directors. Melton assumed the post on 23 June, 2018, immediately following the 16th ISSCR Annual Meeting in Melbourne, Australia.
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  • ISSCR Announces New Editor-in-chief for Stem Cell Reports Journal

  • 20 June, 2018
  • The ISSCR has appointed Martin F. Pera, professor at the Jackson Laboratory, U.S., as the next editor-in-chief of Stem Cell Reports, the organization’s open-access journal. Pera will succeed Christine Mummery, who led the journal since its launch in 2013. Pera will assume the post in January, 2019.
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  • ISSCR Opposes Proposal to Restrict Fetal Tissue Research

  • 14 June, 2018
  • 6/14/2018 2:00:00 PM

    The ISSCR opposes the U.S. House of Representatives proposal to ban federal funding for fetal tissue research. ISSCR President Hans Clevers released a statement on the issue.
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  • ISSCR Announces Hamburg, Germany as Site of 2021 Annual Meeting

  • 23 May, 2018
  • The ISSCR will hold its 2021 annual meeting in Hamburg, Germany, the first time the organization will be meeting in that city. The meeting is expected to draw 4,000 stem cell researchers and professionals from around the globe to the Congress Center Hamburg, scheduled to open in 2019. The meeting will be held 23-26 June, 2021.
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  • ISSCR Responds to President Trump Signing 'Right to Try' Law

  • 4 June, 2018
  • 6/4/2018 4:00:00 AM

    The ISSCR is disappointed with the enactment of the ‘Right to Try’ law. Along with more than 100 patient and research groups opposing the bill, we believe it will put patients at risk and undermine the effective FDA Expanded Access Program already in place to give seriously ill patients access to experimental treatments.
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  • ISSCR Applauds Federal Injunctions Against Stem Cell Clinics

  • 10 May, 2018
  • The ISSCR is pleased that federal prosecutors in the U.S. have taken action to halt the marketing and delivery of unproven stem cell treatments at clinics they allege are operating outside of FDA regulation.
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  • Active Support for Stem Cell Research Around the World

  • 7 May, 2018
  • Scientific progress requires that legislators and regulators around the world recognize and appreciate the value of research and actively support pro-science policies. The ISSCR, through its policy program, champions the advancement of stem cell research and its translation to medicine.
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  • ISSCR 2018 to Highlight Research Driving New Discoveries and Advances in Regenerative Medicine

  • 30 April, 2018
  • Progress in stem cell research and its translation to medicine is the focus of the International Society for Stem Cell Research annual meeting 20-23 June at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia.
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  • ISSCR Applauds Australia’s Move to Regulate Autologous Human Cell and Tissue Products

  • 26 April, 2018
  • The ISSCR appreciates the new framework proposed by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the regulation of human cell and tissue products that use a person’s own cells (‘autologous use’).
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  • ISSCR Advocates for Stem Cells and Basic Research in Europe

  • 19 April, 2018
  • ISSCR members and staff met 12 April with the European Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy to advocate for investments in basic research in the European Union’s 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.
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  • Collaborations for Improving Human Health

  • 9 April, 2018
  • Like many stem cell researchers, my work is increasingly focused on developing ways to translate basic scientific discovery into treatments that help people suffering from disease or injury. The potential for stem cell therapies initially fascinated me as a developmental biologist, and over time I’ve learned the very real impact that our science can have on human health.
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  • ISSCR Advocates for Science Investment in Letter to European Commission

  • 3 April, 2018
  • In a letter to the European Commission today, the ISSCR encourages the EU to spur innovation by supporting basic research and programs that foster cooperation among fundamental research endeavors across Europe.
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