ISSCR jointly presents 2007 Shanghai International Symposium on Stem Cell Research

  • 14 August, 2007

Shanghai, China--More than 300 scientists gathered in Shanghai today for the opening of the 2007 Shanghai International Symposium on Stem Cell Research, jointly organized by the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), and the Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIBS/CAS) and other research institutes in China.

For the first time, the ISSCR has added its name to a conference other than its own annual meeting. The ISSCR embraces this opportunity to learn more about research that is happening in China and to provide a platform for local Chinese researchers who do not have the opportunity to travel internationally each year to the ISSCR Annual Meeting.

This meeting follows on from the enormously successful 5th ISSCR Annual Meeting in Cairns, Australia, that drew 53 percent of participants from the Asia/Pacific region, yet only 3 percent from China. The ISSCR recognizes the important role that China plays in stem cell research and hopes to develop strong links with the Chinese stem cell research community. “We are delighted at the broad international participation and this resounding showcase of stem cell research in China” comments ISSCR President George Daley.

The line-up features an exciting mix of invited speakers, with 30 international guests and 30 stem cell biologists residing in China. The ISSCR delegation includes George Q. Daley (President), Nancy Witty (Executive Director), Alan Colman (Chair, Governmental Affairs Committee), Douglas Sipp (Chair, International Committee), Toshio Suda (Publications Committee) and Jeremy Sugarman (Taskforce on Clinical Translation of Stem Cells). The Keynote address will be given by Dr John Gearhart (Founding Member of the Board of Directors).

The ISSCR congratulates Dr Guo-Tong Xu and the Shanghai-based organizing committee on the meeting’s success and thank them for their remarkable efforts in developing this exciting meeting.

For more information on the ISSCR, visit, or to schedule an interview with an ISSCR stem cell expert, contact Deanna Marchetti,, +1-847-509-1944.


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