International Society for Stem Cell Research Announces New Global Conference Series: First in Suzhou, China

  • 12 March, 2011
Deerfield, IL, March 21, 2011 — The International Society for Stem Cell Research will launch a series of topical conferences focused on bringing leading stem cell research to scientists in more areas of the world. The ISSCR Conference Series provides a forum for exchange of the latest scientific progress in this area of stem cell biology, with an emphasis on the representation of scientists from throughout the hosting region, while ensuring the high scientific caliber of ISSCR’s other international meetings. ISSCR has designed these conferences to attract current and future members to the society by increasing exposure to its resources globally. The new conference series expects to attract up to 500 attendees and is designed to provide a more intimate, relaxed and focused educational experience. These smaller conferences are designed to complement the education offered at the ISSCR annual meeting, which is held each June and has grown to almost 4,000 attendees. The first conference, co-sponsored by Cold Spring Harbor Asia (a subsidiary of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) will be held October 24-28, 2011, in Suzhou, China, and will focus on cellular programs and reprogramming. This conference will be held at the Dushu Lake Conference Center (60 miles west of Shanghai), which serves as Cold Spring Harbor Asia’s home in China. The meeting format will include keynote presentations by noted stem cell researchers as well as sessions with talks selected from openly submitted abstracts on the basis of scientific merit and relevance. Time is also reserved for informal interaction, a central component of scientific collaboration. “China is developing rapidly and is emerging as a major contributor to stem cell research,” said HongKui Deng, professor of cell biology at Peking University and one of the conference organizers. “It is important for us to continue building relationships between Chinese and foreign research institutions. Additionally, the Suzhou conference will give access to China’s unique culture and scenery while promoting the exchange of research and opening doors to international communication for both students and post-docs. I look forward to a wonderful meeting.” ### The International Society for Stem Cell Research is an independent, nonprofit organization established to promote and foster the exchange and dissemination of information and ideas relating to stem cells, to encourage the general field of research involving stem cells and to promote professional and public education in all areas of stem cell research and application.