ISSCR Begins Self-Management; Moves to New Offices

  • 1 August, 2012

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) announced today that it was entering a new development phase as a self-managed entity for the first time in its history. When first formed in 2002, the ISSCR engaged the services of The Sherwood Group, Inc., a well-established firm specializing in the management of nonprofit societies, to manage the society during its establishment as a major international scientific association. 

“Now, after ten years of growth, the society has reached 3,600 members in 59 countries, and we continue to grow at an impressive rate, both in terms of membership participation and the number of meetings, conferences and initiatives we either host or support,” said Nancy Witty, Executive Director/CEO. “The success of the ISSCR, in fact, has reached a threshold where self-management is the best option for us and we are now pleased to announce that as the ISSCR continues to expand its scientific programs, promote clinical translation, and further public education, we will do so with our own dedicated staff in a stand-alone office.” 

Two paramount goals for the ISSCR Board of Directors for this exciting step were to guarantee a continuity of institutional knowledge and to preserve the operational expertise which has contributed to the ISSCR’s success to date. 

“Both goals are addressed by the retention of our Executive Director, Nancy Witty, who has done a superb job leading the society over the past seven years and who will remain as our Executive Director and assume the title of Chief Executive Officer, and of Heather Rooke, PhD., our Scientific Director, who has expertly implemented the society’s scientific efforts for the past six years working from Boston,” said ISSCR President, Shinya Yamanaka.

In addition, the ISSCR is announcing that James Donovan (Membership and Meeting Services Director), Glori Rosenson (Committees and Outreach Manager), and Carl Wonders, PhD (Scientific Affairs Manager) will join Witty and Rooke to form the nucleus of our new operations. The ISSCR has also added two new team members, Robert Shafis, Development Director, and Amy Claver, Exhibition and Sponsorship Sales Senior Manager. As the transition phase continues, we will fill additional key positions to ensure that the strategic aims of the society are reached.

As part of the transition, the ISSCR will physically leave the Deerfield, Illinois office on August 1, 2012 and move to a new headquarters in Skokie, a Chicago suburb.  We will continue to receive key services from The Sherwood Group through the end of 2012, including Michael Hagedorn (Annual and Regional Meeting administrator), Lisa Kamen (Communications), and Christine Meehan (registration for the ISSCR-Roddenberry International Symposium on Cellular Programming). 

“We want to express our gratitude for their dedication, hard work, and commitment,” said Dr. Yamanaka.  “It has contributed immeasurably to the ISSCR’s achievements. We are indebted to The Sherwood Group for their flexibility during this transition, and we salute them for their decade of contribution to our success.”

New contact information:

International Society for Stem Cell Research
5215 Old Orchard Road, Suite 270
Skokie, IL 60077
Phone: +1.224.592.5700