ISSCR Convenes Nucleus Forum to Support, Advance Biomedical Investment

  • 13 January, 2017

The ISSCR hosted a multi-stakeholder forum in early January to strengthen interactions with technology, business, and foundation leaders by exploring breakthrough technologies and stem cell applications that are advancing human health in impactful ways. The Nucleus Forum, in its second year, brought scientists together with leaders in biotechnology, healthcare, and the foundation and business worlds in San Francisco, a hub of technology innovation and host of the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

The ISSCR Nucleus Forum was co-chaired by George Q. Daley, Dean, Harvard Medical School, and Susan Lim and Deepak Sharma, chairs of the ISSCR Global Advisory Council, and sponsored by Citi Private Bank, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, and GE Ventures.

In his opening Keynote address, Stanford University president Marc Tessier-Lavigne described international momentum in biomedical and healthcare innovations. Comparing and contrasting three biomedical and technology hubs, Boston, New York, and the Bay Area, Tessier-Lavigne captured the importance of partnership and collaboration between academia, industry, funders, and investors. These themes were expanded in a series of panel discussions focused on biotechnologies and advances in the applications of stem cell research, innovative models to build capability, and capital strategies for new business development.

The Nucleus Forum programs continue to bring together a diversity of stakeholders to discuss paths for collaboration in advancing biomedical research to address human health on a global scale. The ISSCR is committed to supporting these dialogues, and finding synergies among business, science, foundation, and other stakeholders to create and sustain meaningful investment in the field.