The ISSCR Sends Letter to NIH in Support of Fetal Tissue Research

  • 28 July, 2020
News from ISSCR website tile The ISSCR and a coalition of 90 organizations shared a letter with the National Institutes of Health Office of Science Policy reinforcing the importance of fetal tissue research in biomedical science. Among other key points, the letter states:

Research using human fetal tissue has been essential for scientific and medical advances that have saved millions of lives, and it remains a crucial resource for biomedical research. Fetal tissue has unique and valuable properties that often cannot be replaced by other cell types. Cells from fetal tissue are more flexible and less specialized than cells from adult tissue and can be more readily grown in culture. This is part of the reason why fetal tissue is used for the generation of vaccines and for studying infectious diseases like Zika, HIV, and other viruses.

View letter.