The ISSCR Launches Standards Initiative for Pluripotent Stem Cell Research

  • 7 February, 2022
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Universally accepted characterization standards for stem cell research are needed to improve the rigor and reproducibility of stem cell research. Standards set researchers up for success, ensure rigor in preclinical research, and ultimately strengthen the pipeline of therapies for patients. As the foremost international stem cell research society with a reputation for scientific and ethical rigor, the ISSCR is uniquely positioned to develop and propose research standards that can be widely adopted worldwide.

The project begins with basic research standards that will build on previous recommendations for the characterization of cell lines and recommend standards to improve the reproducibility of research from lab to lab and from cell line to cell line.

Four working groups will address:

  • Basic Characterization Standards
  • Standards for Identifying Undifferentiated Stem Cells and Assaying Pluripotency
  • Genomic Characterization Standards
  • Standards for Stem Cell-based Model Systems

An initial presentation of the basic standards will be made in connection with the ISSCR 2022 San Francisco + Virtual Annual Meeting. The Standards meeting will be 19 June 2022 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. PDT at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

The ISSCR Standards Initiative is led by:

Steering Committee
Peter Andrews, UK, Co-Chair
Tenneille Ludwig, USA, Co-Chair
Nissim Benvenisty, Israel       
Christine L. Mummery, Netherlands
Martin F. Pera, USA 
Yoji Sato, Japan
Glyn Stacey, UK
Christine Wells, Australia
Tongbiao Zhao, China 

Basic Characterization Working Group
Glyn Stacey, UK, Co-chair, 
Tenneille Ludwig, USA, Co-chair
Jeremy Crook, Australia
Laurence Daheron, USA
Jon Draper, Canada
Lyn Healy, UK Andreas Kurtz, Germany 

Undifferentiated Stem Cells and Pluripotency Working Group
Martin Pera, USA, Co-chair 
Peter Andrews, UK, Co-chair
Lyn Healy, UK
Maneesha Inamdar, India
Tenneille Ludwig, USA
Noriko Shimasaki, Japan
Austin Smith, UK 

Genomic Characterization Working Group
Tenneille Ludwig, USA, Co-chair
Ivana Barbaric, UK, Co-chair
Peter Andrews, UK
Nissim Benvenisty, Israel
Martin Pera, USA
Yoji Sato, Japan
Claudia Spits, Belgium 
Tongbiao Zhao, China

Stem Cell-derived Model Systems Working Group
(Organoids, Microphysiological Systems, Engineered Cells, Disease Models) 
Christine Mummery, Netherlands Co-chair
Madeline Lancaster, UK, Co-chair
Anita Bhattacharyya, USA
Jeremy Crook, Australia
Meritxell Huch, Germany
Prisca Liberali, Switzerland
Matthias Lutolf, Switzerland
Kim Jensen, Denmark
Jihwan Song, South Korea
Christine Wells, Australia
Tongbiao Zhao, China